Prepare for Your Move

The moment is approaching when our dedicated moving crews will arrive at your doorstep. At KEYS, we take immense pride in our proficient teams, each member a seasoned professional equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the unique requirements of your impending move. As we embark on this journey together, it’s crucial to recognize that your abode will temporarily transform into a workspace for our diligent staff.

In this collaborative endeavor, we kindly request your cooperation in implementing a few fundamental safety measures. These measures are designed to uphold the well-being and ease of both our esteemed team and your cherished family. At KEYS The Moving Solution, our foundation rests on personalized customer care, and it is with this spirit that we join hands to ensure a seamless and secure relocation process.

Important Steps: guided by years of experience.

Property Access

As we orchestrate the dance between our KEYS truck and your residence, envision a harmonious rhythm of movement. For this to unfold flawlessly, we kindly request your assistance in ensuring convenient parking as near to your property’s entrance as feasible.


We want your appliances to make the journey smoothly. Before the move, remember to prep your washing machines and condenser dryers by ensuring they’re drained and wiped inside-out. For a hassle-free transition, follow the manufacturer’s guide to disconnect hoses and insert transit stabilisation rods. When it comes to refrigerators and freezers. Wipe, and dry them before moving day. Trust us to handle your move with care – it’s what we do at KEYS The Moving Solution.

Health Precautions

Should you or any member of your household be under the weather, showing signs of flu or Covid-19, we kindly ask that you promptly inform your dedicated move coordinator. Your well-being is our priority at KEYS The Moving Solution. This will enable us to collaboratively consider rescheduling your move for your safety and the safety of our team. Your health and comfort remain paramount in our journey together.

Pets & Children

The sounds and motions of our moving teams can often captivate and energize both pets and children. Nevertheless, it is crucial to ensure that young children and pets are not obstructing the path of our movers. Our removalists frequently handle hefty items and require adequate space to perform their duties securely.

Polished Furniture

Avoid applying new polish or furniture wax to any polished wooden furniture pieces in the week leading up to your move. It’s important to note that freshly polished surfaces might need up to a week to fully settle, and there’s a chance they could stick to our protective coverings.

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