Office relocation is a huge and complex undertaking. The process of moving offices can be disruptive and stressful for businesses with a direct impact on their staff, clients, and business continuity. Some of the key challenges can include coordinating with internal and external stakeholders such as clients, employees, vendors, as well as budget and space planning.

Here are 11 top tips for easy office relocation from Keys Commercial movers; experienced professionals who know what it takes to get the job done. 

Before you move 

  1. Plan ahead: Once the decision to move has been made and you have fixed the date of moving, start planning the process at least six months before the date.
  1. Finalize the new office space –With your budget in mind, hunt for properties, narrow down on the most suitable ones and negotiate the price to ensure you get a good deal.
  1. Get rid of clutter – Moving offices is a great time to take stock of your existing inventory, determine which of the items to retain and which ones you can dispose of.
  1. Communicate to clients and employees –Ensure you communicate the details of your move to your clients, including the new address and any changes in working hours and telephone numbers. Announcing the move ahead of time will give your employees enough time to get organized for the move.
  1. Hire commercial relocation specialists – Involve Keys commercial relocation experts in Perth as early in the process as possible so that the transition is smooth.

After booking

  1. Stay organized-The experienced commercial moving company will recommend everyone in your office to be organized and to prepare ahead. Ensure employees organize their personal belongings in boxes and write their names on them.
  1. Label everything -Your professional office relocation company may recommend using a systematic labeling process using color-coding. Ensure each item in the office is labeled and that the contents of each box are listed and marked.
  1. Make a floorplan -Evaluate the space in your new office and draw up a floor plan. Determine where each of your office furniture, equipment, IT systems, cabinets and other items should be placed.
  1. Prepare for removal – Ensure all the drawers of filing cabinets and desks are cleaned out. Unbolt furniture, cubicle dividers and joined desks that save time and help the moving company speed up the process.


  1. Clean up your premises – As per regulations, you are required to clean your business premises and meet the lease’s vacating conditions.
  1. Disconnection and relocation – The delivery of IT systems, technical equipment, computers, data and printers are handled by your professional moving company. They will also take care of:
  • Packing and moving furniture, filing systems and documents
  • Packing and relocation of fragile and valuable office items    
  • Relocation of workstations
  • Unpacking and installation at the new office

 The benefits of hiring Keys, the leading licensed industrial relocation company in Perth, Western Australia, are multiple. Apart from a fleet of purpose-built vehicles and specialized handling equipment, Keys has a team of experienced moving professionals. While we provide a strategic plan and relocation proposal, we offer end-to-end moving solutions that include storage, disposal, fit outs and installation services.

With meticulous planning and preparation, Keys ensures the process of moving offices or industrial relocation is streamlined and hassle-free.

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