Finding a new office space for your business is always going to take a lot of time. You’ve got to investigate multiple properties, weigh up the costs against the benefits, negotiate with the property managers for a better price, and carefully go over contracts. However, when you’ve finally got the perfect new office space, there’s the potential difficulty of moving things into new space. Here’s a checklist to help make your commercial relocation in Perth and elsewhere, goes smoothly.

Make Sure Somebody is in Charge

There are many moving parts in an office move, and it’s vital that there’s accountability during the organization process. If every department is moving themselves to the new building, something is likely to go wrong. Appoint an office-moving commissioner who will have responsibility and oversight over the move.

Tell the Public

Update your office address on social media, your website, and make sure that people who search for you on apps like Google Maps have your current address. You certainly don’t want clients and future job applicants turning up at the wrong building.

Do a Comprehensive Stock Take

Doing a stock take is a great opportunity to cut down on waste going forwards. If nobody ever uses that second printer or those unwritten notepads, get rid of them. Not everything has to make the move with you.

Figure Out What You’re Doing with The Old Office

The sooner you decide what you’re doing with the old office, the better. You don’t want to be stuck trying to sell your old office space, or, if you’re renting, having to pay extra money to break the lease. If possible, plan far enough in advance to transition from one office space to the other without wasting time and money in between.

Keep Your Employees Up to Date

Even though everybody around the office has an email, some employees aren’t as good at keeping up to date with them as others. Make sure that you give everybody in the office plenty of notice ahead of the move. Also, have an induction day so everybody can familiarize themselves with the new space.

Additionally, make sure spread the word about the move to anybody who comes by the office, but isn’t a regular employee. This includes people like freelancers, service people and cleaners.

Book a Specialist Removal Company

When moving offices, getting office movers from a specialist removal company is a must. Here at Keys, we don’t just move furniture. We also specialise in desk reassembly, cable connections, office panelling, artwork installation, make-good repairs, room partitions, and office interior design. There’s no better way to move from one office to another.

Contact Us

For Office Removals in Perth can turn to Keys. With close to 25 years of experience, Keys offers high quality, trustworthy, and total customized moving and storage solutions. As part of the Australian Furniture Removers Association, you can be confident in Keys having strict adherence to all standards and regulations Australia-wide. Ask us for a quote, or get in touch online if you have any questions.

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