When you move house, it can be difficult to figure out how much the process will cost, as there are lots of expenses that sneak up on you. In this article, we detail all the hidden costs of moving house and explain why some costs are definitely worth the investment. 


Hidden Costs of Moving House


What will you eat when all your food is packed away? That’s right, your takeaway orders count! You’ll be tired and busy, and all your cooking utensils will be packed away, so you won’t be cooking anything in those last couple of days. At roughly $50 per night, this will add up, and should definitely be counted as a legitimate moving cost. Also, you’ll probably want to celebrate on your last night, and treat some of the friends who have helped you out! 



Cleaning is one of the costs you can’t escape, as you’ll have to make your old place look decent for the landlord or the next owner. It’s a good idea to pay for a professional cleaning, as you don’t want to have an angry buyer on your hands, or be refused your bond! Your furniture will probably need to be cleaned as well, after being transported and dragged across some not-so-clean surfaces. Also, you’ll need to buy cleaning products so you can clean your new place before you unpack your belongings there.


New Things

Everyone buys pretty new things to fill their home. Even if you don’t want to spend too much, there will be items that your new house requires which you haven’t already got. For instance, the living room might be bigger, and so you can fit a couple more armchairs than your last place. The new house will also have a different style, and it’s nice to decorate it with fresh items and put your stamp on the place – this is called ‘nesting’. Make sure you set aside some cash for these sneaky costs.


Things To Consider

  • It’s never a good idea to try and move everything yourself, as you could easily hurt yourself, or even damage your furniture. 
  • When figuring out how much your movers are going to cost, remember that it depends on the number of items you have to move, the distance you’re going, and the duration of the move. 
  • There will always be more work to do than you imagine, so it pays to plan ahead and start packing and sorting everything out early. 
  • There are a few key items that you should buy before moving: bandaids, permanent markers, box cutters, rubbish bags, paper towels, and packing tape.


The Importance of A Reliable Removalist

Hiring a removalist is an obvious cost of moving house, and a lot of people try to avoid it. You may think that this will save you the cash you spent on those other costs, but doing it yourself creates its own expenses, and it’ll make the moving process a lot more difficult. With all the stress and effort that goes into packing, cleaning, and sorting everything out for your move, the last thing you want is to transport everything yourself as well. 

What you need is reliable, experienced local removalists who can make the process smooth and simple. KEYS The Moving Solution has over 26 years of experience, and we’re a Trusted Removalist in Perth, so why not get in touch?

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