Moving to new fitout? KEYS Commercial Movers know office relocation is typically associated with misplaced documents, distracted staff, interrupted services and reduction in customers, all of which can impact business productivity and profitability.

By taking a systematic approach and working with a reputed commercial moving company, you can ensure you fill your fitout fast while maintaining your productivity levels.

New Fitout relocation process

The first step to moving to a new fitout is to ensure the new office is designed as per your requirements. Give yourself enough time to avoid last-minute scrambling. Set a moving date depending on the expiry date of your current lease, legalities and new lease negotiations. Although the timeframe for the office fitout will depend on the scale and complexities involved, typically the initial fitout concept design can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days. Detailed designs and approvals can take up to 20 days, while the construction and installation can take as much as 60 days.

Hiring office fitout design and construction experts can help you streamline the process. Once the commercial fitout is ready, inspect the place to ensure everything is in order.

Ensure you have a roadmap and detailed plan in place for moving the current office equipment, furniture and other items to the new office. Determine where each item will be placed in the new office. You can utilize the blueprint to mark common spaces and workstations.

A crucial element at this stage is budget planning for the new fitout relocation. While smaller businesses may need three months, medium to large offices may need six to eight months to plan and prepare their new fitout relocation.

Once the new office space is confirmed, set a moving date. Notify the current property landlord and let them know the date for terminating the lease. Communicate internally and externally to your employees, clients and other stakeholders.

Create a detailed moving plan by drafting a checklist and delegate responsibilities to managers and team members. Ensure your employees know what to expect before, during and after the relocation to the commercial fitout.

Maintain productivity

Moving office is a process that has a significant impact on business continuity, productivity and employee morale. Lowered employee productivity affects the overall performance of the company and its bottom line. Early communication and meticulous planning will ensure employees feel secure and take ownership of the move. This will also give them adequate time to plan and organize their belongings and work schedule.

When your business inventory includes complex or heavy machinery, specialized equipment or fragile items, you will need the services of a highly experienced professional commercial moving company.

Booking KEYS commercial moving company as early as possible will ensure you get the guidance and expert support you need for an office relocation to the finished fitout.

KEYS, Relocation Experts

When your aim is to maintain productivity during office relocation to a new fitout, using a trusted, experienced business moving company is of paramount importance.

If you are looking for the most reliable commercial movers in Western Australia, you can count on KEYS. While KEYS Commercial Movers have extensive experience in business and industrial relocation, we specialize in devising a comprehensive project management plan, office fitouts, custom logistics, storage and transportation of all types of office equipment. At KEYS, we are committed to ensuring your business stays operational and productive throughout the process of office relocation.

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