From London and Berlin to Rome and Barcelona, it’s never been easier to visit the European city of your dreams thanks to working holiday visas. While Aussies are familiar with backpackers visiting Down Under to work, travel, and experience the outback, not everyone knows similar options are available for young Australians across Europe.


Whatever your reasons for moving internationally, from unique life experiences to new jobs, the more you prepare for your world tour the less stressful it will be. The following guide contains all you need to know about going on a working holiday, and how KEYS can help make it happen.

‘Key’ considerations when moving internationally 

The majority of working holiday visas for Australians allow you to live, work, and travel for up to one year. This includes travelling between countries within the Schengen Area, as well as a few countries that aren’t (UK, Ireland, and Cyprus to name a few). 


There are vital regulations to follow before you arrive, the most important being a valid working holiday visa for your country of choice. Remember – there is no ‘European Visa’, you must select one country to move to initially, checking all entry and dates and requirements.


Before moving, find a safe place to leave the belongings you’re not taking with you and look into storage in Perth. KEYS are experienced providers of affordable furniture storage solutions in Perth, as well as professional international transport services

How remote work has opened the doors to global travel

One of the only good things to come out of the pandemic is the change in workplace structures. With many companies no longer relying on traditional office setups – and an increase in remote work opportunities – it’s easier than ever to travel internationally while keeping your job.  


Anyone thinking about moving abroad can easily experience new cultures while continuing to earn a living. Along with secure storage facilities in Perth from KEYS, it’s possible to temporarily ‘up sticks’ without disrupting your work or home life in Australia. 

Moving to Europe on a Working Holiday visa

With affordable plane tickets between European countries, a work visa for one country can mean visiting Spain, France, Italy, and more with travel allowed for up to 90 of every 180 days.


While 21 countries are part of the Schengen Area (no borders), several additional countries allow entry including Norway, Iceland, Croatia, Ireland, and Cyprus. Turkey and Israel also have working holiday visa agreements with Australia.


With so many exciting places to see, it can be tempting to spend the entire year (or more!) abroad. This is where efficient storage in Perth comes in handy, with professional international moving services and local storage options available from KEYS. 

Efficient movers and reliable storage in Perth at KEYS

As experienced international movers with premium global connections, KEYS are leading providers of reliable transport and storage services. Whether you’re taking your belongings with you or leaving them with KEYS in a secure Perth location, professional movers offer peace of mind to make your trip as smooth as possible.


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