People often put things into storage without knowing exactly when they’ll have a chance to get them out again. Maybe they’re heading on an extended holiday and haven’t yet booked a return ticket, or they have plans to move into a bigger house but haven’t nailed down a specific property yet. When calculating a timeline, it’s important to know how long cherished items will last in storage. Learn why when it comes to storage solutions, Perth’s best option is Keys.

Who’s Handling the Storage?

How long your items will last in storage is largely dependent upon who you get to undertake the job. If you’re just leaving some cardboard boxes filled with your belongings under a friend’s patio, they might not last very long. When your things are exposed to the elements – things like wet weather and blistering heat – they’ll quickly deteriorate. Also, if you’re storing things in a non-secure location, your belongings may get stolen.

The Benefits of Going with A Professional

For the best results, you should work with a professional storage company. They’ll know the best way to store all your specific items so that they’re in fantastic condition when you come back to pick them up. Plus, with all the security that comes with being a successful, commercial storage facility, you can rest assured that any potential thieves will be kept at bay.

At Keys, all our facilities adhere to strict quality, security and hygiene standards. It’s all in compliance with government departments such as defence and customs agencies, as well as the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. For container storage, Perth people’s best option is Keys.

But that’s not all; we go above and beyond with stringent checks for fire protection, fumigation, and quality management system monitoring.

The Expertise to Protect Your Things for Longer

Our team at Keys can help establish what type of storage will be best for your belongings. Does your furniture need to be wrapped and protected with specially designed covers? If so, we can do it. Do you need container storage that remains dust free and completely sealed, or would wooden boxes held undercover within our facility be a better fit? We’ve got the expertise to help you make the right decision.

What to Do with Especially Important Possessions

Some things in your house are more expensive and/or important than others and require temperature and humidity-controlled environments to remain in good condition over time. Things like artworks, antiques, collectables, musical instruments, and wine collections. That’s why Keys also offers climate-controlled storage modules, which will make the extra difference in adding longevity.

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With close to 25 years of experience, Keys offers high quality, trustworthy, and total customised moving and storage solutions. As part of the Australian Furniture Removers Association, you can be confident in Keys having strict adherence to all standards and regulations Australia-wide. Ask us for a quote or get in touch online if you have any questions.

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