Any move, be it around the corner or to another state, can feel overwhelming and a bit chaotic. Packing up all your belongings isn’t something to be underestimated! While moving houses can bring plenty of serious distractions, it’s important to operate safely and grab yourself some movers insurance.

Just like other forms of insurance, it provides peace of mind during this oftentimes stressful period, as well as a safety net should anything go wrong. When your property is in transit or sitting temporarily in an unoccupied property, it’s at risk of damage, theft, and burglary, making movers insurance the stable option.

What is movers insurance?

For many West Australians, paying additional money for movers insurance during what is likely an already costly house move can seem like a waste. Others assume any damage caused during a move is covered by their existing home insurance, or their removalists cover. However, this is not the case.

Transit insurance policies are specifically designed to protect your belongings, which are considered cargo, during multiple risks that can occur during a move. This might be a damaged piece of furniture, or a detrimental fire or storm.

What should it cover?

The cover of your mover’s insurance will depend on the value of the goods in transit, as well as the level of risk you agree upon as the insured. Valuables such as jewelry are typically excluded, but furniture and white goods should absolutely be covered. 

In some cases, the insurance will not cover the risk of goods and property being damaged while being loaded on or off a movers truck. In order to guarantee the safety of your belongings during a house move, be sure to work with the best local removalists in Perth. KEYS has extensive experience and helpful approach to ensure your goods are at the least risk possible during a move. When you engage international removalists be sure to get insurance that covers your belongings for the duration of its journey.

Where to get movers insurance

A quality moving company will encourage you to get movers insurance. While premium movers do their utmost to safeguard your property, certain circumstances are outside of anyone’s control, like a fire or natural disaster.

Typically content insurance can be acquired from all reputable insurance companies here in Perth, with some licensed removals firms also supplying cover. Certain home content policies will insure goods during a move, but only if a professional company is used. This makes choosing KEYS as the best Removalists in Perth a safe and smart decision

The best removalists in Perth

A part of the role of professional movers is not just to transport goods from one place to the next, but to ensure it arrives there safely and without damage. While highly trained team members and strict safety protocols go a long way, nothing is for certain, which is why we encourage our valued customers to acquire movers insurance.

With an enduring reputation as trusted and efficient movers, KEYS are known as the best Removalists in Perth thanks to an ability to go the extra mile for every customer. For more information on our moving services, or to request a quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch today

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