Australia is a hub of career activity, with Fly in Fly out jobs steadily increasing in the vital mining and energy sectors. Fly in Fly out (more commonly known as FIFO) workers make up an estimated 50 per cent of employees in both Western Australia and Queensland, making moving interstate for FIFO work a popular choice.

Discover all about moving for FIFO work, and how to set up a straightforward and stress-free move (it’s easier than you think!).


Why consider moving interstate for work?

From outstanding career opportunities to great wages and benefits, there are many reasons why making a move to another state for work is right for you. Given the positive economic effect of these industries during the pandemic, it’s no surprise the stability and lucrative nature of this work are enticing to many.

Moving for Fly in Fly Out work tends to be focused on Queensland and Western Australia, but there are career opportunities available all around the country. WA in particular is rewarding workers for their dedication during the challenging period of COVID, offering impressive incentives for many mining, gas and oil workers. 


Key incentives for FIFO workers

The state of WA may be vast, but the population is not. To fill the many key jobs required by mining and gas operations across the state, the West Australian government is offering multiple financial incentives to those permanently moving for Fly in Fly Out work.

  • A $20,000 building bonus for homebuyers in WA
  • Assistance with relocation costs
  • Mortgage support
  • Financial help travelling back to their home state 
  • A regional living allowance for remote workers


Moving for Fly in Fly Out work

Moving with a job already lined up is a huge relief – why not keep that sense of ease going and acquire expert help with a range of services when moving interstate? Some of the many advantages include the following:



Secure storage options for any unessential items also provide greater flexibility, allowing you to move before having a property secured, and having the rest of your belongings moved in when you’re ready. 

Less stress

The peace of mind offered by professional movers is worth every penny, transforming a chaotic moving day into a simplified, streamlined process with plenty of additional services to help make it as easy as possible. 

Invest to save time

Moving can be a time-consuming endeavour, from sorting all your belongings to setting up a new home. Utilise helpful services at cost-effective pricing from the movers at KEYS, such as the supply of boxes and tape and help packing and unpacking.

Large weight allowance 

From lengthy leather lounges to heavy motorbikes, moving those particularly heavy or bulky items can be tough; the wide range of efficient moving vehicles at KEYS allows secure transportation of all large belongings. 


Well-located storage facilities in Perth and Kalgoorlie from KEST provide robust long and short-term storage options for furniture and household consignments.


Knowledgeable interstate removalists at KEYS

Make your move interstate for exciting Fly in Fly out work with the help of The Moving Solution from KEYS, where efficient removal and storage services ensure a safe, stress-free relocation.

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