Many people think moving to Australia is all about beaches, beers, and surfing. While that’s not entirely incorrect, there is much more to life in this temperately tropical country. 


One of the most enduring qualities of life Down Under is a relaxed environment, where people can swim or surf every day and prioritise a healthy work-life balance. With beautiful weather, stunning landscapes from bushland to the jungle, and a great sense of humour, there’s much to be gained from trying the Aussie lifestyle. 


Discover all you need to know about moving from Europe to Australia, and how an international removalist can provide invaluable help.

Key considerations when moving to Australia

Relocating to Australia presents just as many cultural differences for new visitors as an Aussie moving to Europe:


  • Australia is huge, about the size of Europe; research journey times before setting out on a trip
  • The bugs are bigger, and can be poisonous (look out for redback spiders!)
  • It does rain, with Melbourne and Brisbane being the wettest regions
  • Sun cream is essential, as the hot weather and UV rays in Australia can be detrimental – don’t leave anyone in a hot car (human or animal)
  • Healthcare is only free if you qualify for medicare; check your visa allowance and get healthcare insurance if you’re not covered
  • Kangaroos are everywhere – try your local golf course!

How an international removalist can help

Australia is a big country. While this presents many opportunities to ex-pats and immigrants looking for a new start in life, it can also present a few practical hindrances when your first step off the boat (or, more likely, plane).


From international furniture transport to coordinating deliveries and other services, getting the help of experienced international removalists within Australia will massively help ensure a smooth, stress-free move.  


With over 25 years of experience, KEYS are adept at managing seamless moves to Australia, whether you’re heading North to Darwin, East to Sydney, South to Melbourne, or West to Perth.

Top tips for your move Down Under

Get out of the cities! The best part about Australia is the stunning, vast landscapes with not a soul in sight. Whether you rent a van or fly between states, don’t leave the country before visiting some of the beautifully unique natural environments.


A great way to save money on rent while travelling is to simply keep your belongings in secure storage facilities with KEYS while you hit the open road, allowing flexibility and peace of mind that all your precious items are safe. 


Storage services can also be helpful when first relocating to Australia or moving to Europe, giving you time to set up a new home before shipping your belongings overseas under the expert care of KEYS. 

Get peace of mind with an expert international removalist

KEYS are leading providers of relocation and removal services across Australia, including secure storage facilities. Whether you’re making a move Down Under or you are leaving Oz for broader pastures, an experienced team of international removals along with their global network of moving professionals can help make your dream move a reality.

Contact KEYS today for a tailored quote on your move to Australia, or to discuss custom requirements for moving to Europe or anywhere in the world.

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