America – the land of opportunity. For many, the USA holds immense potential for a glittering career, a beautiful family, or simply a thrilling new lease on life. Nowhere else on Earth quite encapsulates the potential for a rags to riches tale; it’s not called The American Dream for nothing!


So you’re considering moving to America, now what? Whether you’re looking to land a new job, join the ranks at a leading University, or reunite with a loved one, there are a few fundamental aspects to consider like visas, housing, and what to do with your precious belongings.


Read on for important reminders to include on your to-do list before making the leap Stateside.

What to consider when moving to America

There are plenty of similarities between Australia and America, from speaking English as the main language to a love for BBQs, but there are plenty of cultural differences to prepare for before moving to the USA:


  • Always tip your server 15-20% minimum – it subsidises their income
  • Healthcare is not free; purchase health insurance
  • Each state has its own cultural norms (and different policies on women’s healthcare)
  • NYC is not the only destination; leave the cities and visit a few stunning national parks
  • Open a U.S. bank account, and start building your credit history ASAP 
  • Double-check your visa details before arrival – U.S. immigration rivals Oz in strictness

Finding a place to live Stateside

The chances are you’re looking to rent a place to live in America rather than buy (at least to begin with). Luckily this is a pretty straightforward process: 


  • Find a few houses or apartments suitable for your needs and budget
  • Research locations, features, and costs
  • Prepare documents to apply as a tenant (like proof of ID, bank statements, proof of employment, and previous tenant references)
  • Consider preparing your Australian credit score to show potential landlords
  • Apply for a rental!

Robust storage and international removals

A key consideration is the difficulty, and cost, of finding a furnished rental to live in. This is often ideal for convenience on short-term trips or your first time in a new country.


One solution is keeping valued items in secure storage in Perth with KEYS until you land your dream apartment, where you can move in your existing furniture and belongings with no hassle. Working with a global network of experienced international removalists allows KEYS to transport bulky and heavy items to America, along with up-to-date tracking and status reports.

Experience new people, places, and opportunities

Just like any move abroad, the best way to make the most of this exciting, once-in-a-lifetime adventure is to put yourself out there. From joining a sports team or skills class to volunteering and frequenting local cafes, moving to America presents immense possibilities for social, personal, and career improvement.


Don’t forget to utilise the many apps and websites designed to meet people in the area, whether that’s a new friend or a dog walker!

Choose a safe and efficient international removalist

KEYS are trusted providers of international removals across the world, using 25 years of experience, a global network of contacts, and a premier removal and storage service to make your move to America as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Contact KEYS today to request a quote for an experienced international removalist, or to discuss secure short or long-term storage options.

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