From stunning scenery to plentiful job opportunities, there are many reasons millions of people worldwide make the big move to Europe. Australians are no different, with many considering life on the other side of the world post-pandemic, thanks largely to the accessible visas available in over 25 European countries. 


When planning your international move it’s worthwhile researching a few key areas, from which country best suits your needs (and travel goals!) to how you’re going to transfer your precious belongings across the world. 


The following guide outlines all you need to know for an exciting move to Europe, and how experienced international removalists can offer much-needed assistance.

The best European cities to move to

Australia has working holiday visa agreements with many countries in Europe, so don’t waste this golden opportunity to explore many beautiful historic cities while supporting yourself AND furthering your career goals.


When moving to Europe there are many favourable countries to move to. Some of the most popular options include Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Finland, and Switzerland, primarily due to their great quality of life, favourable climates (both hot and cold!), and security. 


The United Kingdom has always been popular with Australians, but Brexit has limited the allowed movement for ex-pats across Europe. Ireland offers fantastic advantages for those seeking the same language, with a high GDP and unique scenery as well as easy integration. 

Which countries can I get a visa from?

While there isn’t one visa you can get for the whole of Europe, a working holiday visa from an individual country allows you to travel (not work) within the Schengen Area. This zone includes 21 countries, with travel also allowed to Ireland, the UK, Cyprus, and San Marin. Australia has an additional separate working holiday visa agreement with Malta.


You’re likely to get a visa from any of these 25 countries, but Aussies tend to lean towards English-speaking countries and well-known sunny locations like Portugal, Spain, and France when moving to Europe. 

The advantages of moving to Europe

The beauty of a working holiday visa for Australians is the ability to work in one country while also travelling freely across most of Europe. As you’re allowed to leave and re-enter the country as often as you like throughout the year-long visa, you can take as many weekend trips to Amsterdam or ski holidays in Austria as you can afford!


Key advantages surrounding a move to Europe include:


  • Experiencing a new way of life
  • Visiting historical landmarks and epic scenery
  • Living in a safe, well-developed city
  • Travelling without additional visas
  • Accessing new career opportunities
  • International removalists can move your belongings to Europe, or store them safely in Australia

Benefits from experienced international removalists at KEYS

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