Many of us dream about moving to a tropical paradise, but not everyone makes the leap to a stunning location like Indonesia. Composed of over 17 thousand islands with a vast range of lifestyles and cultures, there’s immense potential for an exciting fresh start.


With one of the largest populations in the world, Indonesia is a bustling group of islands that can seem like the invigorating anthesis to some of Australia’s remote regions. While moving to Bali may have seemed like a pipe dream, the continued growth of remote workers makes it more feasible than ever.


The following guide details everything you need to know about a move to Indonesia, from cultural differences to visas and employment. 

The rise of nomads moving overseas

Working nomads used to be a term reserved for a select few freelancers or social media influencers, but recent lockdowns have made remote work a possibility in many industries. With many companies accepting the fact that workers can log on regardless of their location (thank you global internet) it might be the time to make that move abroad without risking your career or income source.


Moving to Indonesia is accessible for Australians due to the close location, making it a short flight home and a similar time zone to Aussie companies and employers.

Visa and work permits

With open borders and great potential for an emotionally and financially fulfilling expat life, all you need to do is apply for an Indonesian visa or work permit. 


Digital nomads have two options:

  • Short-term temporary visas (30, 60, or a business visa of 180 days)
  • A new 5-year digital nomad visa coming very soon


Those employed by overseas companies based in Bali require a sponsor and a work permit:

  • ITAS: limited stay permit
  • KITAP: permanent stay permit available to ITAS holders of minimum 3 consecutive years

Moving to Indonesia

The wide range of environments and sceneries makes Indonesia an attractive choice for many, from bustling cities like Jakarta to peaceful beach locations on Lombok. Moving to Bali can be a journey of contrasts, with a great location near Tokyo and Singapore (other popular expat destinations) balanced by a generally poor population.


Indonesia is known for its fantastic hospitality, where you’ll be surrounded by friendly and welcoming people from all walks of life. Add in an unbelievable cuisine, bustling nightlife, and the affordability of life in Bali makes moving overseas an enticing prospect.

International moving and storage services

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