The thought of moving to a bustling metropolis is an inherently exciting prospect. Whether you’re studying abroad, reaching career goals, or simply craving new life experiences, the unique city of London is enticing for many reasons.


As the UK’s capital (and largest) city, moving to London holds exceptional opportunities for work, cultural experience, and travelling around Europe. While taking that leap across the pond from Australia might seem intimidating, the potential benefits far outway any misgivings you may have. 


If you’ve booked your flight tickets or are simply considering a new adventure, the following concise guide contains all the secrets and realities of a move to London.

The most popular reasons for moving to London

One of the best things about relocating to London is how quickly you will feel like a Londoner, surrounded by an immense array of ethnicities, languages, and cultural diversities.

There are many popular reasons to entice you to book those international removalists:

Immerse yourself in British culture 

Moving to London is one of the most exhilarating decisions you could make as a young Australian today. As a city steeped in history and enveloped in global cultural phenomenons, London holds a unique form of British culture. 

When it comes to differences from the Australian lifestyle, however, there are a few areas of note to avoid culture shock.

  • The cold weather is no secret, but winters last a lot longer than in Oz
  • Despite being a multicultural city, historical class divides still hold strong
  • Processed food is everywhere, and even simple dishes like sushi can cost a lot
  • The cost of living is high, and the rent is even higher
  • Weekends are for relaxing – many people go out drinking during the week
  • There’s always something to go do, see, and experience

A city rich in history 

A short walk around London soon exposes its deep layers of history. Built by the Romans in 43 AD, the fortified city was later established as the capital; ensuring today’s residents witness many impressive palaces, medieval alleyways, and Georgian architectural buildings.

Visit epic sites like the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Highgate Cemetery, and Westminster Abbey  – to name just a few!

Benefits of moving at a younger age

From award-winning theatres and international musical acts to iconic artworks and infamous landmarks, few cities can compete with the array of activities London has to offer. This makes moving to London an immense experience as a young person, with access to unlimited forms of social scenes, cultural experiences, creative passions, and careers.

As a bustling city that never seems to rest, it’s no wonder the proportion of 25-34 year-old residents is far higher than anywhere else in the UK. If you crave a fast-paced lifestyle and a change of scenery, London is a highly attractive option. 

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