Every year, around 25,000-30,000 people make the trans-Tasman leap, leaving the sunburnt country to settle in the land of the long white cloud. If you’re thinking about Moving to New Zealand from Australia each year, partnering with an experienced international removalist can smooth the road for a stress-free relocation.

Why is Moving to New Zealand from Australia a good idea?

Whether you’re seeking sunshine in the beautiful Bay of Islands, retracing Frodo’s footsteps across middle earth, or winding through the South Island’s mountains, fjords and forests, Aoteroa (New Zealand) offers a lot for a small country.

Language and culture

New Zealand has two official languages, Māori and English. You will find everyone speaks English, although learning Māori opens your ears and eyes to the country’s rich history and vibrant contemporary culture.

Currency and cost of living

The official currency of New Zealand, the New Zealand Dollar (NZD or $), trades closely to the AUD. 

For example, a family of four needs around NZD 5,000 (AUD 4,600) per month to live comfortably in Auckland.

Life in Auckland, Aoteroa’s biggest city, is a little more expensive than Perth. However, the nearby nature, safety and sense of community are priceless.

Finding a home

If you’re moving from Australia to Aoteroa but not set on settling in Auckland, it’s worth exploring other options:

  • Wellington

The local saying, “you can’t beat Welly on a good day”, is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the city’s famously rainy climate. But it’s also true. As well as being New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington is charming, full of character and a short boat ride from the south island.

  • Christchurch

Buying or renting in Christchurch, on the south island’s east coast, is around 20% cheaper than in Perth. This is surprising when considering how much natural beauty and adventure surround the modern city.

  • Hamilton

Take a stroll down Victoria Street or walk through the sprawling Hamilton Gardens, and you’ll find out why so many people call Hamilton home. Hamilton is New Zealand’s fourth-biggest city and a 90-minute drive from Auckland.

What to consider when Moving from Australia to New Zealand

Moving your things

If you plan to live in New Zealand for a few years (or permanently), moving your furniture and belongings can be an efficient way to get set up in your new home.

But don’t forget it is an international move. We recommend working with a Perth removalist who is part of a global network to avoid customs issues or COVID-related delays.

And just a tip: Australia and New Zealand thankfully use the same power plug. 

Storing excess furniture

If you are downsizing to move into an Auckland apartment or planning to spend time searching for the right house, we can store your excess furniture

KEYS offers affordable storage solutions in Perth and Kalgoorlie, giving you peace of mind and time to move at your own pace.

Finding an international removalist in Perth

For anyone keen on becoming a Kiwi – permanently or just for a little while – then say Kia Ora to KEYS.

With over 25 years of experience and a reputation as a trusted international removalist, KEYS will help you move from Perth to New Zealand without stress, hidden costs or delays.

Contact us for a tailored quote on international removals.

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