Have you ever dreamed about moving to a laid-back green city, known for its fantastic culture, infrastructure, and quality of life? Then you should consider relocating to Adelaide, the coastal capital of South Australia! If you want a change, the exceptionally welcoming charm of Australia’s bustling smaller cities might be just the ticket. Jobs, education, and healthcare remain stable but with the added benefits of a relaxed daily life with accessible, beautiful outdoor areas. The following guide details all you need to know about packing your bags and moving to South Australia, and how experts at relocations can make it a seamless transition.

Key advantages of moving to South Australia

There’s a reason Adelaide is known as Australia’s most liveable city. Large enough to retain all the convenience and practical advantages of a large metropolis, but small enough for short commutes, it’s truly an underrated gem for those seeking improved well-being. One of the main benefits of moving interstate to Adelaide is how affordable it is. With the cost of living continuing to rise, it’s more worthwhile than ever to establish yourself in an affordable city with great housing prices and an efficient public transport system. Aussies, ex-pats, and international students alike have discovered a love of multicultural Adelaide, where lively music, arts, and food scenes are complemented by stunning natural sites – from mountains and wineries to swimming and surfing!

Useful tips for moving interstate

The pros of making the move to South Australia are clear, but to avoid a stressful interstate move from Perth it’s vital to prepare as much as you can in advance. The following useful tips will help you set up your new life in Adelaide as smoothly as possible:
  • Create an inventory of everything you’re taking
  • Try and cut this list down as much as possible!
  • Organise the remaining items, and either place them in storage/donate/dump
  • Cancel or move your bills and services to your new address
  • Arrange trusted interstate movers for transport and delivery
  • Get a quote in writing, and check each chosen item can be safely transported
  • Aim to have your new home ready to move into
  • Try not to move during busy holiday seasons

Get expert help relocating

Deciding to move to an accessible city like Adelaide – an enticing alternative to big cities like Sydney or nearby Melbourne – can be an exciting but stressful time. It’s your entire life that needs to be relocated! Investing in expert help when moving interstates from the knowledgeable team at KEYS is a great way to not only have practical assistance but retain peace of mind throughout the process. KEYS offer an all-encompassing moving solution, from reliable interstates relocations of your belongings, to secure local storage facilities so you can even leave items behind for as long as you need.

Secure storage and moving services with KEYS

Access KEYS vast interstate network when you’re moving to South Australia, where secure removal and storage solutions make your life a whole lot easier. Renowned as long-standing trusted local, interstate, national, and international movers, KEYS operated 700 vehicles and moving containers to effectively pack and deliver your positions wherever you’re relocating to. Contact KEYS today for a free competitive quote on your move to South Australia.
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