If you were offered $20,000 to move to Western Australia and build a new home for yourself, would you take it? This is the impressive offer McGowan’s Government is using to entice FIFO workers to make a permanent move to WA – helping fill jobs, homes, and communities across the state.

Whether or not you qualify for this Building Bonus grant, a regional relocation to Perth or wider WA can be a fantastic career move. It’s not just an isolated state with booming mining and industrial sectors; fantastic weather, friendly people, and a fun lifestyle make it Australia’s lucrative hidden treasure.


Grow your career with a regional relocation

One of the great things about residing in a big country is how moving to a different state can completely change your career prospects; the spread-out nature of Australia means accessing a new job market with one interstate relocation.

WA is particularly unique in that it hosts many workers who live out of state, each one highly sought after to fill the many mining and industrial FIFO jobs. Now the Federal and State governments are encouraging these workers to make a long-term move with enticing home Building Bonuses’.


New jobs and opportunities on the West Coast

Jobs and career opportunities abound in WA, whether you currently work in the FIFO industries or not. Many companies are backing the Government building grants with incentives of their own; mortgage support, financial assistance, and a regional living allowance are all on the table to encourage quality workers to move to WA – will you be one of them?

Whether or not you’re already one of the 5,000-6,000 FIFO workers commuting into WA, there is a multitude of new opportunities opening up on the West Coast. 

Temporary changes have been made to the state’s skilled migration pathway to encourage more skilled employees to relocate to WA, with over 100 occupations added to the nominations list for many vital industries.  


Tips for an interstate move to WA

  • Find accommodation: determine your preferred rent and areas to live in, and visit homes in person before signing any papers. If you’re looking to buy a home, consider short-term rentals in the area first so you can carefully consider your requirements 
  • Buying a home: look into whether you qualify for the Building Bonus grant or other concessions, and clarify taxes and other costs early in the process
  • Personal documents: organise all essential identity, medical, and historical documents for you and your family before moving. Why not scan them in and retain an extra digital copy?
  • Contact info: transfer your contact information and address, including mobile and bank details, a week or two before the move to avoid any mishaps
  • Expert movers: invest in experienced interstate removalist services for peace of mind and guaranteed security for all your belongings during the move West


The benefits of experts interstate removalists

KEYS have an established reputation as a reliable and efficient mover for regional relocations. An ethos focused on delivering quality, stress-free moving services has cemented KEYS’ position as the preferred moving solution for interstate moves, as well as secure short and long-term storage options.

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