The temptation to take off on an extended holiday can be immense. Who wouldn’t love to take a long road trip or move overseas for a year to fully experience life from a new perspective? 


Too often people set aside these bucket list goals due to tricky practicalities. Who will rent my room? Can I take my cat with me? Where am I going to store all my precious belongings? 


While KEYS may not be able to water your plants or take care of your dog, the problem of where to put your stuff when travelling is solved thanks to secure long term storage!

Have the adventure of a lifetime with a long term holiday

Taking off on an extended holiday has always been a popular option for those finishing school or university. In today’s world of budget airlines and remote work, the concept has spread to people from all backgrounds and walks of life looking for exciting experiences and a new lease on life.


We all know how amazing vacations are – around Australia or across the globe – but the extensive health benefits extend further than you might think:


  • Better mental health
  • Less stress – improved physical health
  • Increased mental motivation
  • Overall peace of mind
  • Cures burnout
  • Healthier relationships


These benefits stem from the freedom a long term holiday brings, from new cultures and languages and more spontaneity to the freedom to follow warm climates and live a more minimalist lifestyle. 

The importance of reliable storage while on holiday

There’s no need to undergo the stress and pressure of giving away all your items or holding garage sales to try and shift bulky items. With highly affordable prices and thoroughly secure local storage facilities, long term storage at KEYS provides the situation where you need to store all your items for as long as required.


Taking off on a new adventure can be overwhelming. Knowing all your precious belongings are safe in a KEYS storage locker allows you to travel with peace of mind, and truly live in the moment during this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While it is an additional cost, you can return at any time safe in the knowledge your stuff is safe from theft, moisture damage, and even rodents. 

Secure your belongings with trusted long term storage 

Searching for reliable storage while on holiday can be tough. Your neighbour’s garage may seem like a great idea, but with a high risk of damage or deterioration from dust, dirt, and moisture you could come back to a shed full of ruined belongings.


Choosing a long-lasting leading provider of highly secure storage facilities means gaining a large locker to hold all your bulky items, with constant security ensuring no harm comes to your property. KEYS can store items for long periods, helping you with local and international removal services during the packing-up process. 

Premium storage and international moving services with KEYS

Organise a stress-free move with KEYS, offering reputable international removalists services across the world as well as safe, robust storage while on holiday. An established global network of over 500 movers ensures a trusted international relocation, with even the most fragile items arriving safely.

Contact KEYS today for a free quote or any queries about your removalist or storage needs.

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