A commercial relocation is a huge move for any company, regardless of the size of your business and how far you’re moving. The furniture alone can cause a headache, never mind all the technology, paperwork, personal belongings, and, of course, the employees themselves!

Working with an experienced removal company in Perth is a sure-fire way to have a smooth, efficient moving day, with experts on hand to coordinate, guide, and do the heavy lifting. However, before you reach that stage, a whole lot of organisation has to happen. The best advice is to break things down into manageable jobs and, most of all, stay calm!

Preparation tips

Moving to an office is an exciting step, but to avoid it negatively impacting workflows and employees’ wellbeing, it’s important to thoroughly prepare wherever possible. Organisation ahead of time will lessen the stress of commercial relocation, as well as adjustment periods for staff.


Go through all items in the office, and either recycle them (or donate them), or add them to an inventory. This can be broken down into sections for each room, and it will help both your office removalists and staff before, during, and after the move. 


Ask every employee to clearly label each item of furniture in their area, as well as bulky items like printers. Be sure to stick these labels on with additional tape! Easily identifiable items will speed up the move in process later.

Colour codes

Whether you choose to organise items by room, floor, department, or individual desks, colour coding different areas is a key way to comprehensively arrange the massive amount of items to be moved. 

Key areas to organize

With so many different categories of items to organise before your dedicated Perth office removalists arrive, it’s helpful to take certain vital areas together.

Computers and IT equipment.

Only trained professionals should be trusted to move these much-needed office items. Make sure every department has clearly labeled their technical belongings, and leave the rest up to the movers. Each employee should label their personal computer, and bundle up all required cords and wires along with the monitor and keyboard.


Personal corded phones are a huge part of any office, so be sure to label each one clearly and keep all cords packed up with it. A professional will be required to reconnect them on the other end. 

Files and storage cabinets

Wherever possible try to move filing cabinets with the organised files still inside. Secure each drawer, and let your removal company in Perth know about the heavy contents within. Storage cabinets, on the other hand, should be emptied, with the contents of each drawer packed together, for efficient unpacking later. 

Thorough commercial relocations with Keys

Moving an office is a serious job, and should be trusted only to trained experts in the field. The risk of hiring unprofessional movers is high, given they will be responsible for guaranteeing the safety of each and every item within your business. 

Keys have over 15 years of experience as office removalists in Australia, having proven our worth as a leading commercial removal company in Perth. To request a quote, or ask a question about customized service options, get in touch now

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