Tired of the hustle and bustle of Perth city? Dreaming about a serene life in the peaceful Australian countryside? Then make that move now itself. You truly deserve the peace offered by a small town. Don’t postpone your dream thinking about the hassles of some local removalists.

Multiple residential movers can help you in interstate moving. Selecting a suitable place for relocation depends on multiple factors. Quality of life, access to basic amenities, and employment opportunities are some prominent factors. Let us explore the prospects of regional relocation with the support of Removalists in Perth.


The Perks of Living in a Rural Town 

Cities are bustling with different activities throughout the day. High population density is making these urban spaces non-livable. In most cities, apartment rents are showing trends of exponential increase. Apart from this, traffic congestion and low air quality are leading to desperation. Small rural towns are now becoming an attractive space for relocation. They offer all the amenities available in a city. At the same time, they are less crowded and more peaceful.

The advantages of moving to a rural area are,

  • Less congestion and traffic
  • High quality of life
  • Less pollution and high air quality
  • Access to leisure activities
  • Affordable house rentals.

If you are based out of Perth, there are multiple rural towns in the southwest region. Most of these coastal towns are very peaceful with all modern living amenities. You can use the services of a professional long distance mover for relocation.


The Best Rural Towns in South WA 

Rural towns offer the best of both worlds. They are modern yet peaceful. In small towns near Perth city, you have access to numerous job opportunities. Due to the availability of high-speed internet, work from home (WFH) is also a lucrative option. In any case, your cost of living will be much cheaper compared to Perth.

Let us explore some of the best rural towns in south WA suitable for relocation.



Bridgetown is nearly 270 Km away from the city of Perth. It is a major tourist attraction in the southwest area of Western Australia. Bridgetown has excellent infrastructure facilities including roads and apartments. The town is well-connected to Perth and other major cities. There are plenty of tourism and recreation facilities. With plenty of job opportunities, it is an excellent place for your relocation.



Northam is a quiet town situated in the Avon valley. It is 100 km from Perth. The place is sparsely populated with a population of less than 10,000. This makes it a peaceful place for permanent relocation. It has excellent connectivity to Perth through roadways and railways. There are numerous tourist attractions including heritage buildings, wineries, and lakes. Northam also boasts of high-quality educational institutions. You can get affordable housing options in this area. In short, Northam is a suitable place for your family to relocate.



If you can’t resist scenic beaches, then Bunbury is the ultimate area for your relocation. This coastal town is located around 175 km from Perth city. It is quite populous compared to the other small towns in the region. Still, the place is much more peaceful than Perth. There are many employment opportunities in the mining and related industries. Due to its proximity to Perth, it has excellent medical and educational facilities. The beautiful coastline is the perfect location for your weekend relaxation.


KEYS- The Professional Movers

Relocation is indeed a challenging task. Especially for long distance moving, packing and logistics can be difficult. But a residential mover can help you in moving to a small rural town with much ease. KEYS, a leading moving solutions expert in Australia, can help you with relocation. You get a hassle-free relocation experience even in long distance moving. With more than 26 years of experience, they provide a comprehensive package relocation and storage solutions. If you are planning to relocate to a rural town in Southwest WA, contact Keys for a quote today itself.

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