Moves for any organisation are fraught with risks, and every industry has its own particular and unique difficulties, areas of sensitivity and focus. Educating the young is about more than what the teacher says; the very environment in which the students learn and the resources available to them. All of these factors have a powerful and formative influence on the youth.

When it comes to relocation services for schools, it’s important to have a professional service familiar with the nature of such moves, and aware of the exceptional circumstances that surround a move in a school. From big renovations, to campus mergers and moves, Keys offers a totally customisable service perfect for schools.


Schools operate on an unbreakable timeline, and this does mean that there are limitations on what can be done with relocating small and large parts of the school. Whether it be small facelifts to classrooms or full renovations in libraries and buildings, it is vital that relocations happen on deadline, as interruptions to the life of the school ought to be kept to a minimum.

This isn’t a job for merely any office movers, but a job for experienced professionals.


More than just the consciousness of the timetable, schools have to weigh a budget. Every dollar that goes through the school will, in some form or another, be used to further the goal of education. It is important, whether the school is public or private, that money is not wasted on unessential and overly costly exercises. This also means dealing with the most professional organisations possible.

It is important to deal with professionals. Not all commercial relocation services will have the priorities and the customer focus. Keys has the track record of delivering highly efficient services on budget and on time.


There are all sorts of sensitivities when it comes to schools, not the least of which are the valuable materials that come along with schools. This will include IT equipment, science equipment, office gear and private files – not to mention chairs, tables and other everyday school items.

Not just any relocation service will be equipped or experienced in the particularities of this sort of move. Keys is both equipped and experienced in many types of specialised commercial removalists precisely like this.

Go to the Professionals 

Schools need to deal with companies that are efficient, sensitive, and committed to delivering value for money. With close to 25 years of experience, Keys are experienced professionals and are able to act as interstate movers and school relocation specialists. As part of the Australian Furniture Removers Association, you can be confident in Keys having strict adherence to all standards and regulations Australia-wide. If you’re looking for Removalists in Perth, don’t wait. Ask us for a quote, or get in touch online if you have any questions.


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