Moving is difficult and stressful enough for adults, let alone for children who have less of a grasp on the necessity and reasons for the move. Adults might have to deal with the complicated practicalities of moving, like dealing with money and furniture movers in Perth based or otherwise. But drastic changes in the environment can be a lot to handle for kids. Any move should be accompanied by a thoughtful and deliberate approach to making your children feel comfortable in their new home, and in their new room.

Do a Walk Through

It might be beneficial to bring your child to the new home before the move. Walk through the house and yard and help them to imagine what the house will look like when you live there. Building a sense of anticipation and excitement will help your kids build enthusiasm for the move. Asking for their input on various decisions, like layout and design, will also give them a sense of ownership of their new space and help them settle in.

It’s important to focus on the positives. Play imaginative games, both when you’re visiting the house and as you’re preparing to move. Help them to think of all the good and fun things they’ll be doing in their new home, and their new room.

Get Them Unpacked First

Regardless of the distance, you’ve moved, just around the corner or interstate, once you get to the new house, get your children settled in first. The quicker they are physically settled in, the better they’ll feel settled and at home. It’s a good idea to have some consistency between their old bedroom and their new – putting the bed in a similar position or using the same decorations and posters on the walls. But be sure to let them have their say and decorate how they want. Let them impose their own personality onto the room.

Establish Normalcy

Now you’re all settled in and unpacked, keep the excitement of the move alive by continual discovery and sense of adventure, but also maintain your usual habits and rituals. Everyone is comforted by routine, especially children and teenagers. You might let them stay up the first night later than normal or have take-out to celebrate but then get straight back to normal. Once your children realise that ‘home’ now means something different, they’ll settle in much easier.

Moving Solutions

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