It can be a dream to finally find your new home, but that’s when the real work begins! From packing valuable items and potting plants, to throwing out unwanted items and scrubbing that oven. Moving day is when all your hard work comes to fruition, with a pre-booked quality removalist on hand to help pack and move all your beloved personal items. 

In order to fully protect your valued furniture from damage during the move, it’s important to follow some key tips and tricks. Experienced removalists do their utmost to avoid unfortunate incidents but we’re only human after all, so it’s best to take extra precautions. 

Important steps to take when moving 

Working with a professional removal company in Perth is the best way to guarantee safe transport of your items, but many people wish to pack their furniture themselves to ensure each item survives the relocation process in mint condition. 

  • Create a detailed inventory of all items of furniture in the house, dividing the list into those to keep, and give away.
  • Clean all pieces of furniture well, as removing small pieces of debris can prevent scratches and marks occuring due to coarse particles.
  • Measure large furniture items to ensure they’ll fit through the doorways in a safe manner.
  • Gather all key items that are being moved together before wrapping them, as this saves time while keeping the covering secure until moving.
  • Cover each item with blankets, bubble wrap, or layers of paper. Placing cardboard on furniture corners and legs is a great way to prevent accidental knocks causing damage.
  • Remove any sections from the furniture that are detachable, such as removing drawers and lifting off mirrors. 
  • Disassemble bulky items before transporting where possible, as this not allows safer movement, but creates more space in your movers truck. 
  • Secure any moving parts you are unable to remove or disassemble with non-damaging tape or twine, to prevent them moving during transit, especially long journeys.

Key details to avoid

Whether you’re working with furniture removalists for a move down the road or across this vast country, there are important areas to avoid to safeguard your furniture from damage.

  • Leave any unwanted / old / broken furniture behind! As well as adding unnecessary costs, it risks them becoming damaged and unusable during the move.
  • Don’t start packing without first organising the right tools, such as bubble wrap, blankets, and cardboard. This wastes time, and risks forgetting about exposed sections of furniture.
  • Don’t leave large pieces of furniture intact until moving day. This can slow down the whole moving process, and rushing to disassemble a piece can result in damage. 
  • Don’t attempt each step of furniture packing and moving alone when professional assistance is required. Trust experienced furniture removalists to transport your valued items with care, as well as assist you with any heavy or bulky items in a careful fashion.

Reliable furniture removalists in Perth

As long-standing leading providers of quality moving services, both in WA and as interstate removalists, Keys guarantees a safe and secure move, carried out by experienced personnel. For more information on our wide range of customised services, or to request a quote, simply get in touch today. 

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