Sometimes, hiring a professional mover is the right way to go. You don’t have to worry about the heavy lifting, packing, or transportation. For some, this is money well spent. But for others, saving that kind of money for a rainy day or an extended weekend vacation is worth the trouble. There’s also a third option that mixes in professional services with a do-it-yourself approach. It all comes down to how you want to approach your move.

You’ll have to consider several factors with your family before deciding. Whether you choose to tackle the big move yourself or hire a professional, Keys is here to guide you through the process, beginning with the most essential parts of your move to consider:

Book A Removalist Company

The first step is to decide whether you need a Removal Company in Perth, or if you think you can handle it on your own.

If you are packing up a one-room apartment with nothing more than a bed, a chair, a table, and your dog Max, perhaps calling up your high school buddy or favourite colleague to help you could be the way to go. Packing up a complete two-story house for the whole family of 4 or more? Well, that’s a different story.

Finances also play a role in the overall scope of your move. Packing, loading, and driving yourself will be cheaper than hiring a removal company, that’s indisputable. There are other factors at play, such as stress, physical ability, and time.

Hiring a Moving Company like Keys takes away the stresses of moving. Full-service removalist companies can tailor your move or take care of the entire move for you, from packing your valuables at your old home to unpacking it in your new home.

Consider Insurance During The Move

After you’ve decided whether or not you’ll have a removalists, you’ll need to consider if you need moving insurance. Moving accidents happen, even to the most experienced movers. Moving insurance works the same way as auto insurance.

If you get into an accident in your car, you are covered for certain damages. When you get moving insurance, if objects are damaged during your move, you’re able to recoup certain lost damages.

Update Your Address Details

You’ll need to update the authorities on your new change of address. You have 14 days to notify the Australian government formally. You can do this:

Think Ahead

A removalist company can expertly pack your belongings, load it into the moving truck, and deliver your items with care. As noted above, however, accidents do happen.

Track down your most valuable and fragile possessions and make arrangements for careful storage and transfer. Items such as family heirlooms, prized possessions, expensive jewels, and irreplaceable photos should be packed ahead of time for peace of mind and reduced stress.

It’s also recommended you keep the things you need on the first day in your new house within easy access. Don’t pack your work computer in the back of the truck if you need to take care of business as soon as you arrive.

Do A Final Clean

It’s good form to do a complete cleaning of the house before moving out for good. The buyer will likely clean the home to their standards upon moving in, but there is a need to leave the house reasonably clean.

Remove everything in the house – even the items you wish to throw away. Additionally, vacuum and sweep the floors, wipe down the insides of all appliances and scrub the sink and tub. Give the cabinets and shelving a good wiping as well, and don’t forget to wash all tile and linoleum flooring thoroughly.

If the home you are leaving has a garage, it’s also recommended to clean out any loose ends. Sweep the floor, and make sure to dispose of any toxic or harmful chemicals properly.

Get a head start. Especially if you have a large home, cleaning may seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. Be kind to yourself. Start the cleaning process early and make sure you have enough time to get it done right. Moving day will be hectic enough without worrying about a full house cleaning. Getting a head start on the house cleaning may even give you a head start in the selling process if you haven’t yet sold your current home.

Redirect Mail

Redirecting your mail is often overlooked during the moving process. You need to inform the post office moving house that you’ll be changing addresses for the foreseeable future. You won’t want your mail to get lost in the system, as financial documents and social letters are quite important.

Failing to receive your mail promptly can cause a wide range of headaches, that’s why we suggest using this six-step mini-checklist while moving house.

  1. Decide whether to submit the form in person or online.
  2. Select the correct time frame.
  3. Complete the form.
  4. Submit identification.
  5. Pay fees.
  6. Let businesses and individuals know you’re moving.



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