The Ins and Outs of Relocating a Library 

More than simply a place where someone visits to borrow a book, libraries have become hubs of community life and education, offering services above and beyond what they used to. This process is dynamic, but they often require significant renovations and relocations.

Why Move a Library?

Libraries, public or private, are sanctuaries of learning. There are any number of reasons why one would need to be relocated. The first is the most obvious – that the library is being relocated to another physical location. Alternatively, it may be merged with another library, or it may be undergoing significant renovations or reconstruction and need to be cleared out temporarily.

In any of these circumstances, a highly professional and experienced relocation service would need to be engaged in order to properly respect and appreciate the responsibility entrusted to them. Not just any sort of office movers will do.

What Services Would Be Needed 

As well as moving documents, collections, shelving, and office equipment, libraries will need to shift all sorts of electronic devices and storage which constitute so much of the modern library. Accumulating valuable and important information is what libraries are for, so it is essential that the service offered is conscious of this.

In the instance of reconstruction or renovation, it will also be necessary for libraries to find suitable storage options. Engaging separate companies for separate jobs have a certain logic to it, but trying to organise and facilitate big relocations between library staff, moving staff and storage companies can be complicated and fraught.

Who Has Experience in This Work?

Keys provides a range of moving solutions and specialized options to any move. Libraries can rest assured that the experience and expertise of the commercial relocation services offered by Keys. Not simply house movers, Keys offers a range of moving solutions. As well as working in conjunction with library staff to ensure a smooth transition for library assets, Keys can offer storage solutions if required, catered to the particular needs of the client.

Contact Keys

With close to 25 years of experience, Keys offers high quality, trustworthy and total customized moving and storage solutions. As part of the Australian Furniture Removers Association, you can be confident in Keys having strict adherence to all standards and regulations Australia-wide. If you’re looking for removalists in perth, don’t wait. Ask us for a quote, or get in touch online if you have any questions.


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