Moving can be a frustrating, time consuming and dirty experience. Some of the hardest decisions can stem from when you don’t know what to bring to the new house. Not everything accumulating in your house over time is worth bringing along, and everyone know it. There are all sorts of different methods one can use to decide what to bring, and what to discard. Has it been used in the last year? Does it bring you joy? One great practical idea is to have a keep, donate and trash pile, and categorize your belongings accordingly.


The keep pile is what to bring to the next house. Thinking about how easy these things will be to transport is essential. It is important to have clear moving solutions in mind for what you want to keep. But how do you decide what is valuablel?

Considering the regularity with which you use things is a good place to start. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used it in more than a year, you probably don’t need it. Obviously, things of sentimental value are an exception to this rule. Sometimes people can be discouraged to keep big items, like furniture, if the move is big. It’s important to not be discouraged, there are always ways around this at Keys such as international furniture transport services.


After deciding what to keep, there is still another important decision to make. Not everything you don’t keep is necessarily without value. Getting rid of things during a move is a practical decision about what is convenient to transport, what is suitable for your lifestyle, or the last time it was used. A lot of the things which aren’t being kept could be used to enrich someone else’s life. Furniture, clothes, kitchen utensils, and innumerable other things around the house can really make a difference in someone else’s life.


While not everything you get rid of is necessarily trash, at least some of it is sure to be. Making the judgement about what is trash, and what is worthy of donation when moving to a new house can be tricky.

Things which are stained, ruined, damaged or worn out can safely be disposed of. Many people who will seek to recover goods at op shops are short of money, but that doesn’t mean they deserve things which you wouldn’t use, wear or have in your house because they are soiled. Only donate belongings which you would consider reusing yourself, but don’t foresee using. Are you getting rid of it because or wear and tear, or because it’s just impractical in your life right now? If the former, best to put it in the trash.

Moving Solutions for the Keep Pile

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