Moving from Perth to another state?  The process involves more than just packing boxes and hitting the road. It’s challenging and, rather than dealing with the stress yourself, why not hire interstate removalists like KEYS The Moving Solution to help?  We will turn that mountain of tasks into a manageable to-do list.

Let’s now look at the challenges of interstate moving and how to overcome them.

Planning and Organisation

When preparing for an interstate move, having a detailed moving plan and a comprehensive checklist makes all the difference. The plan can help break down your move into manageable tasks, like when to sort through items or when to pack. The checklist will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, like disconnecting utilities at your old place. This approach helps keep you organised and also significantly reduces stress.  

Early preparation is equally vital. Begin by researching reputable interstate removalists as soon as possible. Look for movers with a solid reputation for reliability and quality service. Also, booking movers well in advance secures your preferred date and provides ample time to discuss your needs and expectations. Plus, early planning allows for any unforeseen changes, ensuring a smoother transition overall.

Budgeting for Your Move

Creating a budget for your interstate move is crucial. Here are our top tips for estimating costs and saving money:

Gather Quotes

  • Requesting detailed quotes from multiple interstate removalists.
  • Read each quote to ensure that it includes all the services you may need, such as packing, insurance, transport and storage.

Create a Detailed Budget

  • Based on the quotes, draft a budget that covers all moving expenses.
  • Remember to include incidental costs, such as cleaning services, temporary accommodation and utility connection fees at your new home.

Declutter Before Moving

  • Go through your belongings to declutter. Decide which items to keep, donate or throw away. By reducing the volume of items, you lower your moving costs. You can also generate extra cash by selling unwanted items.

Avoid Hidden Fees

  • Ask movers for a breakdown of their quote to identify any additional fees, such as stair fees or long carry charges.
  • Clarify any part of the quote you don’t understand to ensure there are no ‘surprises’.

Money-Saving Tips

  • Consider moving during off-peak times (mid-week or during the school term), when rates might be lower.
  • Consider packing some items yourself to save on packing services.

Packing and Transportation

Getting to your new home is also about making sure that everything you relocate gets there in one piece. Smart packing and picking the right transportation method really matter here:

Best Practices for Packing

  • Start early to ensure everything is packed in plenty of time.
  • Use proper materials, such as sturdy moving boxes, bubble wrap and packing paper, for good protection.
  • Label each box clearly with its contents and the room it belongs to, facilitating easier unpacking at your new home.
  • Pack an essentials box that includes items you’ll need immediately upon arrival, like toiletries, a change of clothes and basic kitchen items.
  • Consider professional packing services for fragile or high-value items to ensure they are adequately protected.

Options for Transporting Items

  • Research moving companies that specialise in interstate moves; compare their services and costs.
  • Decide between a full-service move, where the company handles everything or a more DIY approach, such as renting a truck and loading and unloading yourself.
  • Consider a ‘container move’: You pack a container that is then transported by professionals – a flexible and often cost-effective option.
  • Make sure the mover is licensed for interstate transportation and has a good track record for reliability and handling claims.

Legal and Regulatory Issues

One of the most overlooked aspects of moving interstate is that of legal and regulatory requirements. From quarantine laws to vehicle regulations, understanding these can help you avoid unexpected hurdles.

Overview of Interstate Regulations

  • Be aware of quarantine laws, especially in Australia, where states have strict regulations on transporting certain plants, animals and agricultural products across borders. Ensure all sporting goods and pet beds/products are thoroughly clean and have no soil or plant matter attached to them.
  • Check vehicle regulations if moving vehicles or boats. Registration and insurance requirements can vary significantly from state to state.

Necessary Documentation

  • Prepare an inventory list of all items being moved. The moving company may require this and it also serves as a record for insurance purposes.
  • Keep important documents with you, such as birth certificates, passports and any other personal records, to avoid them getting lost during the move.

Tips for Ensuring Compliance

  • Contact relevant state authorities/visit their websites for the most current information on interstate moving regulations.
  • Discuss any specific legal requirements with your moving company because they may have valuable advice based on experience.
  • Plan for pets by checking pet transport regulations and ensuring you have the necessary health certificates and identification for them. Prepare for any periods of  quarantine – you may want to send your pet either before or after you arrive at your destination.  

Preparing for Unique Situations

  • Consider any special items that may have additional regulations, such as firearms, alcohol or certain types of machinery. Each of these might have specific interstate declaration or transport laws.
  • If you’re moving items of significant financial or sentimental value, additional insurance is recommended. Secure transport methods should also be considered.

Emotional and Psychological Stress

Let’s not forget that moving interstate involves leaving behind familiar faces, places and routines. This can trigger a mix of emotions, from excitement about new opportunities to sadness and anxiety about the unknown. Recognising the emotional impact of moving is the first step toward managing it effectively.

Understanding the Emotional Impact of Moving

  • Acknowledge the stressors: Saying goodbye to friends, changing jobs and adjusting to a new environment.
  • Accept that a range of emotions is normal. It’s okay to feel excited, anxious and sad about the changes.

Strategies for Managing Stress and Staying Positive

  • Keep communication open with family and friends. Share your feelings and support each other through the transition.
  • Focus on positive aspects of the move – the new people you’ll meet and the new experiences you’ll have.
  • Maintain your routine as much as possible to provide a sense of normalcy amidst the change.
  • Seek out community groups or activities in your new location to build connections and feel more at home.
  • Don’t hesitate to seek professional support if the stress feels unmanageable.

Ready to Hire? Choose KEYS The Moving (Interstate) Solution

So if you are leaving Perth to live elsewhere in Australia, let us handle your interstate move. We can help you – from your to-do list and advice on budgeting, to packing, transportation and state regulations. We can ease the burden as you navigate this change.  KEYS The Moving Solution, your trusted interstate removalists in Perth, are here to support you.  Contact us today to find out how we can make the process easier for you.

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