And what you can do to ensure a smooth international move

Two years into the global pandemic, things are starting to get back on track. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean international removals look the same as they did in the BC era (that’s Before COVID-19).

Our industry, like many others, is adjusting to a new way of working. In the meantime, we’re doing everything we can to protect our customers from disruption while striving to offer the best international relocation services in Perth.

If you’re thinking about moving overseas in 2022 or 2023, here are some things to consider in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Common hiccups in international removals

Border restrictions

Most international ports have at least some restrictions in place. These restrictions are essential to protect the health of locals and visitors, but they can cause delays. And in the case of an infected crew member, delays can stretch out to several weeks.

Supply chain issues

From border restrictions to that Suez Canal blockage and a run of natural disasters, supply chains worldwide are still recovering from a disastrous two-year run. As a result, you may need to factor in extra time to allow for your items and personal belongings to reach the front of the queue.

Container shortages

With international shipping companies visiting our shores less often, Australia is experiencing a shipping container shortage. Until global trade recovers, the pinch is expected to have several flow-on effects:

Labour shortages

Australia’s transport, postal and warehousing (TPW) industry employs more than 650,000 people, 34% born overseas. Although road transport accounts for the majority of the TPW labour force (42%), border closures and temporary work visa restrictions still significantly impact the industry’s ability to fill vacant roles.

How to minimise disruption and delay

This might all sound like doom and gloom, but we’re keeping your international relocation on track. 

KEYS The Moving Solution is part of every major international relocation association. Our relationships with professional partners worldwide give us the flexibility, resilience and reliability to relocate your life overseas. 

Why being part of a global moving network matters now more than ever

Global moving networks are made up of independent companies from around the world. Our affiliations with these networks enable us to continue offering international removal services, even with COVID-related restrictions and other pressures.

Put simply, we can get your things where they need to go.

More than that, we are up to speed with the ever-changing restrictions and delays. You can trust KEYS The Moving Solution to provide expert advice, guaranteed solutions and reliable service. 

We understand the uncertainty of moving overseas right now. But we’re here to reassure you that you can make the move; the key is trusting Perth’s best removal company and our network of global partners.

For advice on relocating internationally and interstate, or a custom quote, contact KEYS The Moving Solution on (08) 9455 2488 or

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