Relocating overseas comes with a long to-do list. One item on the list that many Australian families deliberate over is moving their furniture overseas. 

Furniture is bulky, but it’s also expensive to furnish a whole house. And taking a little bit of home with you can be the comfort your family needs during an unsettling move. 

So you’re faced with 3 options:

  1. Ship
  2. Sell (or donate)
  3. Store

Some questions that might help you decide are:

  • What condition is the furniture in?
  • How much would it cost to replace in my new home?
  • Is the item a family heirloom, or is there a personal connection?
  • Can I imagine my life without this furniture?
  • Will I want the furniture if/when I return?
  • Are there import restrictions in my new country?
  • Is there a local charity or organisation that needs this more than me?

Ultimately, relocating or rehoming your furniture is a personal choice. But when you make the call, one question you don’t need to ask is: “can I trust the furniture removalist?”

KEYS The Moving Solution is a professional international furniture removalist with a trusted global logistics network and affordable storage solutions for whatever you can’t take.

Getting organised for the move


Before you can start packing, you need to know what you have, how it packs, and where it’s going. Begin by making a detailed inventory of the furniture you might want to take, including measurements and approximate weights. Get the whole family involved, and you’ll be done in no time!

Finding a furniture removalist

Not all Perth furniture removalists ship overseas. Some interstate removalists may offer international service through third-party partners. However, only a full-service professional like KEYS The Moving Solution will deliver the whole package:

  • Full logistics handling
  • Customs support
  • Part of a trusted global alliance
  • Real-time location updates
  • Container storage locally and internationally
  • Door-to-door service


Whether you’re shipping or storing furniture, proper packing will protect the surface and structure. Ask your furniture removalists for help or tips on packing. A full-service removalist like KEYS The Moving Solution will provide expert advice and supply high-quality packing equipment to protect your fragile items. 

Making the move

How long do furniture removalists need to move my furniture overseas?

Shipping times vary depending on the distance and complexity of the move. But when you work with a professional removalist, you can expect faster customs clearance and on-time delivery to your door.

We can provide a specific answer when you get in touch for a quote. If you’re travelling for a while first, we also offer container storage locally and internationally. 

Receiving your furniture

Collecting your things from a port or customs facility can be a nightmare. They are often far out of town and busy, and you need to hire a large enough vehicle to transport everything back to your new home.

Our advice? Remove the hassle by working with a relocation professional. 

KEYS The Moving Solution has a network of experienced movers around the world who can deliver your furniture to your door.

Have you considered long-term storage solutions?

If you plan to return to Perth, storing your excess furniture means you don’t need to replace it later. Storage is perfect for priceless family heirlooms, bulky furniture that won’t fit in your new home, or pieces you want to pass on later.

Professional, affordable shipping and storage

KEYS The Moving Solution is Perth’s full-service furniture removalist. We offer more than fast, affordable international shipping when moving furniture overseas in partnership with our global network. KEYS can also store your furniture locally or internationally, or help you relocate interstate.

Get in touch for a custom quote today and get peace of mind for your next big move.

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