Store, ship, or sell? The choice is yours

Moving is exciting. You can look forward to discovering your new local café, exploring playgrounds with your kids, meeting the neighbours and decorating a new space. Of course, getting settled can take a while, whether you’re moving within WA, across the country or overseas

Moving your favourite furniture into the new house can help to feel comfortable right away – but what about all the extra furniture you’ve collected, inherited or bought along the way? Deciding whether it goes on the furniture removalists’ truck or Gumtree can be impossible. Thankfully, there is another option: storage.

When to store your extra furniture

Storage is an affordable, flexible and secure option for excess furniture. And the great news is you can organise professional removals and storage solutions through the same company. 

Here are a few reasons you might consider storage instead of moving or selling your furniture:

Short-term relocation

If you’re moving overseas or interstate for a short-term contract, holiday or study, KEYS The Moving Solution can help you ship the essentials and store everything else. When you return to Perth, your possessions will be waiting for you.

Preparing for the move

You might find a great deal on your dream furniture before you’re ready to move into a new home or office. Rather than letting a good thing pass you by, consider renting a low-cost storage container so your removal company can deliver the furniture when you’re ready.

Getting the lay of the land

A floor plan doesn’t tell you everything about a house or apartment. Will your bed look right in the bedroom? Does the desk fit in the study? How does your couch look in the living room? These are often questions you can only answer once you’re in the new house. In the meantime, your bed, desk and couch are secure in our storage facility. 

Renting while you build

Many Perth families move into temporary rentals while they build or renovate. Furniture generally doesn’t fare well on a construction site, but it won’t fit in the furnished rental. Storage containers are a flexible solution; when you get the keys to your new place, you can choose what to retrieve and when.

Heirlooms and items too precious to offload

Storage solutions aren’t always short-term. For example, if you inherit a piece of furniture that has been in the family for generations, you might want to store it for your own kids. Our storage containers are an affordable way to keep your priceless family memories safe for future generations.

Tips to prepare your furniture for storage

  • Clean and dry your furniture, including laundering any coverings
  • Disassemble whatever you can
  • Wrap each item carefully, using blankets and packing wrap to protect wood and leather
  • Book a professional removal company to load, transport and unload your possessions
  • Measure everything to make sure it will fit
  • Take detailed photos, so you remember how it all fits together
  • Store screws and fittings with the corresponding furniture to make re-assembly easier

More than furniture removalists

KEYS The Moving Solution offers affordable short and long-term storage in Perth and Kalgoorlie. So whether you’re building, moving, relocating, or storing for years ahead, there’s no better Perth removal company to keep your stuff secure for as long as you need.

Call us on (08) 9455 2488 or request a custom quote.

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