How to prepare for your big overseas move

Borders are opening and travel is possible again, meaning you can rekindle your dreams of relocating overseas. 

Moving overseas is exciting. Whether you’re relocating for work, family, lifestyle or love, packing up your life and landing in a new country is a life-changing experience. KEYS have prepared our international moving checklist to help you get started.

Moving overseas? It pays to be prepared

If you’re planning an overseas adventure, use this moving checklist to ensure a stress-free relocation. And when you need a helping hand, KEYS The Moving Solution is the professional, experienced Perth removal company you want on your team.

How to prepare for an overseas move

Do your research

Moving overseas on a wing and a prayer might seem romantic, but the reality is a little research goes a long way. Before you book tickets, look into:

  • Job market
  • Visas and immigration policies
  • Expat community
  • Safety
  • Relocation experts
  • Local language and customs
  • Currency and banking
  • Social life (and work/life balance)
  • Cost of living
  • Schools and daycare for kids
  • Pet regulations

You might even find a local language exchange group to brush up on words and phrases before you fly.

Plan early

There’s no way around it: moving overseas is complex. But if you plan early, it doesn’t need to be frustrating.

As international relocation experts, we have also seen COVID-19 impact international relocations. So in the early planning stages, don’t forget to factor in contingencies for disruption and delays. Engaging a Perth relocation company with trusted international affiliations is one way to minimise moving hassle.

Double-check documents

From driving to finding a job, accommodation to medical treatment, setting up a new life overseas involves a lot of paperwork. Here are some documents you might need to copy, translate or transfer:

  • Driver’s licence 
  • Birth certificate
  • Health records
  • Police check
  • Vaccinations
  • Passports
  • Credit history
  • Degrees and qualifications
  • Industry accreditation
  • Will

Organising certified copies from Australia is more complicated once you leave. A good rule of thumb is to take more documentation than you need, plus digital copies if possible.

Notify providers and agencies

Forgetting to cancel recurring bills can add unnecessary costs to an overseas move. Although your international removal company can organise shipping and storage for you, it’s your job to:

  • Close bank accounts
  • Cancel your phone and internet plans
  • Notify the ATO and AEC 
  • End your lease (or sell/lease your home)
  • Redirect your mail
  • Cancel Australian-only streaming services

In most cases, you can notify providers and agencies early. Set aside a day to take care of all your life admin, starting with calling an international removal expert for advice.

Create a custom moving plan

Personalised moving plans help you cover all the main bases for a big move. There are many moving parts in any move, and no two situations are identical.

You can create a personalised moving plan yourself or work with an experienced international removalist to ensure you catch every little detail. 

Check out our guide to personalised moving plans as a starting point.

How a Perth removal company takes the hassle out of overseas moves

Moving overseas is equally exciting, intimidating, stressful and refreshing. To make the move as hassle-free as possible, contact KEYS The Moving Solution. 

Our international relocation expertise and strong global moving network will ensure a smooth move, whether you’re going interstate or halfway around the world.

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