How a premium Perth removalist takes the stress out of moving

Anyone who tells you that moving house is stressful likely didn’t do their homework before the big move. There’s a lot to do, but early preparation saves hassle down the road.

As Perth’s local, interstate and international removals experts, we know the value of good planning here at KEYS The Moving Solution. So here are our top tips for developing a personalised moving plan to make moving as exciting and stress-free as possible.

What is a personalised moving plan?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to moving. Personalised moving plans account for your lifestyle, your packing list, your destination and more:

Whether you’re moving up the road, across the country or overseas, it’s essential to start planning early. And don’t be afraid to ask for help! 

Planning your next move: Step-by-step moving guide

8 weeks out

Two months before your move is an excellent time to lay the foundations for a solid plan.

  • Start collecting documents, photos and information you need for the move (we suggest a digital drive like Google Drive or Dropbox)
  • Get in-home quotes from premium removalists
  • Make a (realistic) moving budget
  • List the furniture you want to sell, ship or store
  • Note any fragile items
  • Carefully check your shortlisted removalists’ reputations, licences, insurances etc.

6 weeks out

You still have some breathing space. All your plans are coming together, and if you’re moving across Australia or overseas, you might be starting the first farewells.

  • Start packing non-essential items (electronics, excess furniture)
  • Keep a detailed inventory of each packed box
  • Label everything clearly as you pack
  • Measure furniture and check the dimensions in your new home to make sure it fits
  • Book your removalists for the big day 
  • Start disassembling and wrapping furniture going into storage
  • Take photos of everything (this is where your digital drive is handy) 
  • Host a garage sale or start donating unwanted items

4 weeks out

One month to go! By now, you should be mentally in the moving zone. But don’t worry if you’re not. That’s why we’re here.

  • Clean and service any vehicles you are shipping
  • Purchase moving insurance
  • Finish clearing out unwanted items
  • Move excess furniture into storage
  • Make a moving day playlist (seriously, it’s a big help!)

2 weeks out

Things are getting exciting now! Finally, it’s time to prepare for a smooth move.

  • Pick up packing supplies from your removalist
  • Pack and organise any non-essential clothes, devices, toys etc. 
  • Make plans for your pets to be elsewhere on the big day
  • Clean and disassemble non-essential furniture
  • Remove lightbulbs from lamps, wrap cables, remove batteries
  • Go through your house to use, donate or dispose of unneeded food or items

The big day

Moving day is finally here, and your removalists are on their way to help you get into gear.

  • Unplug fridges and freezers the day before
  • Do a final check for leftovers and anything hidden in closets or under sinks
  • Take pets to their sleepover
  • Lay down protective floor coverings
  • Pack an essentials bag with everything you need until you arrive
  • Double-check directions and delivery instructions with your movers
  • Have a healthy breakfast and be ready for an exciting day

If you’re moving overseas or interstate, moving “day” might span a week or more. As long as you and your removalist are prepared, the time will fly by smoothly.

Should I move myself or hire a local removalist?

Moving house is a big job. It’s vital to enlist an experienced, professional removalist you can trust rather than going for the cheapest option. 

So if your friend, cousin or co-worker tells you that moving house sent them around the bend, it’s because they didn’t work with KEYS The Moving Solution. We make moving easy, whether within WA, across Australia or internationally. 

Contact us for a custom quote.

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