City life is not for everyone. Many people dream of retiring to a regional area later in life, but why wait to enjoy the glorious outdoors, beautiful wildlife, and relaxing pace of life found only in more rural spaces?

There are many reasons for relocating to regional Australia, from affordable housing to a less stressful daily routine. Once you have researched the right location and planned moving logistics, you can relax and enjoy the next exciting chapter of your life in regional Australia.

Read on to discover how to find the ideal location for you, and how an experienced support network can make your move that much easier.


Finding the right location for you

The first step in your relocation journey is carrying out comprehensive research on the best location for your needs, budget, and personal preferences. To ensure a successful move, not only job and housing opportunities should be considered but a location, community, and lifestyle that works for you.

There are many stunning locations across regional Australia, from peaceful coastal areas and gorgeous beach towns to thriving rural towns and remote bushland settings. Narrow down your essentials and priorities before discovering more about the authentic local lifestyle via council websites, community forums, events, and social media groups. 

It’s important to put boots on the ground in your chosen location before making the move – stay in a local BnB, check out schools and houses, and ask friendly locals any questions you might have. 


What’s involved in relocating to regional Australia

Once you’ve settled on a location, knowledgeable interstate removalists at KEYS can plan a stress-free move regardless of your new address, from secure transport of furniture to reliable storage options. 

Extensive local and national experience makes KEYS interstate removalists an essential part of your support network during this exciting time in your life. Other helpful connections to make include community leaders, teachers, employers, local business owners, real estate agents, parents, neighbours, and much more.


What regional life can look like

Achieving your ideal daily lifestyle is a lifelong goal for many people. Relocating to regional Australia can make these dreams a reality, whether that involves moving close to a beach or beside a stunning national park. Some of the many advantages of moving out of the big cities and into a bustling smaller region include:

  • A great education and schooling for your children, without overcrowding or competition for spaces
  • Vibrant arts and cultural environments with easier access than oversaturated urban scenes
  • Fast beach access, for daily swims or weekends in the sea and sand
  • Proximity to national parks and hiking trails
  • Great lifestyle for pets
  • Fresh local food and beverages


A stress-free move with expert interstate removalists

KEYS are the interstate relocation experts, helping customers move across the country – regardless of location – with the utmost care and quality of service. A dedicated network of movers (associated with the Australian Movers Group) makes the often challenging move across the vast Australian landscape a stress-free process, thanks to friendly, professional and cost-effective services. 

Contact KEYS today for a free quote on your intestate move, or with any queries about the extensive range of moving and storage solutions for local, national, or global moves.

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