So you’ve purchased your first home – congratulations, the hard part is out of the way! With a bit of planning and the help of local removalists, moving day will seem like a breeze compared to property inspections and mortgage applications.


Shifting all your furniture and belongings (not forgetting children and pets!) doesn’t have to be a totally l process. Discover important tasks you can tackle in advance, and how the helpful team at KEYS can have you settled in no time

Plan ahead for a smooth transition

The more you plan ahead the less time any task will take, and this is absolutely true when it comes to moving home. It’s tempting to chuck everything in boxes and go, but this only creates additional issues in your new property. Noteworthy tips for planning include: 


  • Pack a ‘first-day’ box: from items needed to unpack (scissors, tape, cleaning products), to snacks and pyjamas (and, of course, champagne!) having vital items accessible in one place will make moving day so much easier. 
  • Connect your internet and energy: preemptively setting up your new home means you can get straight to organisational chores like organising those kitchen cabinets. 
  • Make spare keys (and change the locks): don’t risk the stress of losing your new keys on the move by making sure a spare set is on hand. Those moving into properties with previous owners should also consider changing the locks for security and peace of mind.
  • Update your address: from bank statements to car insurance, try to update your address as soon as possible. Post offices can even redirect mail to prevent a reliance on new tenants forwarding your items. 
  • Book experienced removalists in Perth: get the job done right the first time, and work with trusted movers to safely transfer valuable items large and small into your first home.

Minimise stress with local removalists

Eating dinner on the floor quickly loses any fun appeal, so the sooner all belongings are safe in your new home the less overwhelmed you’ll feel. Working with a team of professional movers means all your bulky items can not only be shifted from your old property, but placed in the right location within your first home on moving day. 


Simply measure each room to create a floor plan for new or existing furniture beforehand and experienced movers from KEYS can do the rest – utilising this diagram to set up your new home efficiently. All that’s left is for you to pop open the bubbly!

The flexibility of professional movers

To create a seamless transition it’s imperative to plan ahead and allow trusted movers to take care of setting up as well as the heavy lifting. 


Knowledgeable local removalists at KEYS are adept at helping families and homes of all sizes move to around Perth or across WA. Over 26 years of experience enables a smooth moving day thanks to effective communication and a strict code of compliance.

Efficient removalists in Perth at KEYS

As long-standing leading providers of reliable moving services inside WA or interstate across Australia, KEYS are the trusted removalists in Perth needed to make your first new house a comfortable home. 

Contact KEYS today to book moving or storage services, or for a free quote.

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