Insights from Perth’s chosen commercial removalist team

Although we’re not eager to dwell on the COVID-19 pandemic, there is one shift that has caught our attention as commercial removalists.

Local firms are increasingly moving to the suburbs to take advantage of more affordable, better-equipped offices outside the CBD.

And they’re turning to Perth’s best removalist (at least we think so) to make the mo as smooth as possible.

What’s driving demand for suburban offices?

According to Real Estate Business, nearly $2 billion was invested in office, retail and commercial assets in 2021.

That’s a 25% increase from 2019.

At the same time, office vacancy rates in Perth CBD have plummeted to 10-year lows

If CBD vacancy rates are falling and investment is rising, then the move to the suburbs is surely a passing fad?

Not quite.

Much of the demand is coming from interstate and overseas investors who are priced out of other capital cities.

While out-of-state companies buy up offices along the Terrace, our experience as commercial removalists backs up data that shows locals are flocking to the suburbs.

So what’s encouraging local companies to set up shop in the suburbs?

Closer to home

Suburban offices tend to shorten commutes and provide greater flexibility for workers juggling family commitments with work.

Moving closer to where employees live provides a better work-life balance.

People can still get out of the house and socialise in the office, but the morning commute is less harrowing and getting home is easier.

Cost of living is also a factor: in a state where 52% of commuters travel by car, rising fuel prices are sure to make commuting less appealing

Better amenities

Commercial real estate group Knight Frank recently shared that more than 3,600sqm of space in The Garden Office Park was leased in the last 12 months.

The Garden in Osborne Park boasts a long list of attractive amenities:

  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Full-time on-site management
  • Security
  • Plenty of parking
  • Conference facilities
  • Alfresco café

There’s even a tennis court.

It’s no wonder The Garden has attracted start-ups and established firms from the health, IT, professional services, engineering and legal sectors.


The average square-metre rental cost for office space in Osborne Park (where The Garden Office Park is located) is $366 per year.

In Perth, it’s $610 per year.

The two suburbs are less than 10 minutes apart by car but a world apart when it comes to affordability.

Investment in suburban development

  • The Square Mirrabooka recently sold for $195 million
  • Planning approval for the $1 billion Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre Expansion passed in late 2021
  • The neighbourhood shopping centre market grew 143% from 2019

These three anecdotes illustrate how Perth neighbourhoods are developing. 

More amenities for families and workers reduce the need to journey into the CBD, which is excellent news for anyone tiring of the hustle and bustle.

Tips for moving your office to the suburbs

If you’re looking to take advantage of affordable office space in the suburbs, here are a few helpful tips from our commercial removalist team:

  • Research suburbs that are likely to grow in 3-5 years
  • Consider splitting the office into smaller satellite sites
  • Canvas your staff to find out which suburb (or suburbs) suit them best
  • Plan your move at least 12 months in advance
  • Add a KEYS commercial removalist to your office relocation team
  • Prepare IT and telecommuting technology to enable remote work 

As an experienced commercial removalist, we’ve moved just about every type of business, from office furniture to IT equipment and industrial machinery.

Get in touch to request a custom quote and find out what makes KEYS Perth’s best removalist team.

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