Take the hard work out of office relocations

Office relocations are complex. On top of managing your team’s expectations, communicating the change, coordinating the setup of your new space and clean-up of the current office, you also have to move

All those desks, computers, chairs, printers and furniture needs to end up in your new office. That’s a lot to take on. 

Hiring a commercial removalist can take the weight off your shoulders on moving day. But partnering with the right Perth removalist will reduce your stress levels months in advance, preparing your company for a smooth, successful office relocation.

Top tips to prepare for an office relocation

12-18 months out: Start planning early

Planning starts 12-18 months before you move. This far out, your core relocation team should be looking at:

  • Current lease obligations and break fees
  • Clean-up and damage responsibilities
  • Floor plan requirements for your team in the future
  • Creating a moving budget
  • IT considerations
  • Whether you need moving insurance

It’s not too early to get quotes from commercial removalists

Here at KEYS The Moving Solution, we like to get involved early, assigning a Project Manager who helps our clients plan a successful move.

Our services aren’t limited to relocating furniture and files. We can:

  • Organise sub-contractors for office fit-outs
  • Work with your contractors
  • Dispose of unwanted items
  • Store excess furniture
  • Unpack and set up in your new office

6-12 months out: Communicate clearly and often 

Moving is exciting, but some on your team might see the change as disruptive. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, transparent and honest communication will get everyone on the same page.

  • Outline each person’s responsibility
  • Encourage open discussion with managers
  • Outline the reasons for – and benefits of – moving office
  • Notify customers, partners and service providers early
  • Notify the current owner or lessor
  • Send updates with pictures or floor plans

Engaging a Perth removalist early will give you space to focus on the important change management requirements.

6 months out: Prepare a personalised moving plan

Every office relocation looks different. For example, you might be storing excess furniture, moving to a regional area, spreading to satellite sites or sending equipment home with employees.

Although we have ample commercial relocation experience, your move is going to be unique. By preparing a moving plan that inventories all your equipment, furniture, decorations and appliances, you will save time and stress when it comes time to pack for the move.

On the day: Go time!

Office relocations don’t happen overnight. However, you will be pleasantly surprised at how efficiently your new space comes together.

That’s because you were prepared with a moving plan, clear communications, and the right commercial removalist.

On moving day, your job is to:

  • Oversee your chosen commercial mover
  • Delegate people to monitor specific areas
  • Be on-call for the removalists and your team
  • Organise refreshments for your team who is probably working outside of hours
  • Check off zones as they come together on the new floor plan

If your office is downsizing or has furniture going into storage, we recommend colour-coding these with labels or tags. That way, they don’t get mixed in with the items going to your new office. 

Welcome to your new home

We hope you find this checklist useful ahead of your next office relocation. Whether you’re in the early planning stages or starting to sweat about an upcoming move, pause and give us a call.

KEYS The Moving Solution are Perth’s commercial relocation experts. Contact us for a custom quote and get ready for an efficient, stress-free office relocation.


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