Are you sick of the rat race, and ready to escape to the country? Most people usually only consider moving to southern WA when they head for the countryside, but northern WA actually has a lot to offer – and we’re not just talking about the sunny weather! However, like with any big move, there are a lot of things you should consider, such as which town suits your needs, and what are the big differences in lifestyle?


Why Move To Northern WA?

The north of Western Australia is like being on another planet. This flat, red dirt landscape with its cloud-free blue skies, impressive gorges, and stunning beaches, is a far cry from the more populated areas down south. If you’re looking for a country lifestyle, where you can slow down and enjoy the simple things, then moving up north is a great choice. Considering how many people journey up to Kalbarri, Exmouth and Broome every year, the region is obviously full of interesting places to see and things to do. Also, if you’re sick and tired of cold weather, then the north of WA is sunny and hot all year round – get ready to ditch your jackets and beanies for cotton shirts and thongs!


Best Places to Move to in Northern WA

  • Geraldton:

If you move to Geraldton, you’ll get the benefit of warmer weather in winter, while avoiding the tropical rains and storms that occur further north. You’ll also have your pick of huge blocks of land, as it’s normal to get a half an acre block for a reasonable price. Geraldton is quite large in comparison to other country towns, so you can enjoy the unique northern coastal lifestyle while maintaining access to all your vital shops – and even extras like a cinema. 

  • Northam:

100 km north-east of Perth, you’ll find Northam, the central hub of the Wheatbelt region. People often think that the lush countryside ends after Perth, but Northam is actually located in the beautiful Avon Valley, with the Avon River flowing through the town. When you move to Northam, you’ll get the tranquility of country life, but still have access to all the benefits of Perth – as it’s only an hour away. 

  • Broome:

As a tourist destination, Broome has an abundance of jobs in hospitality and tourism, so you won’t have trouble finding something – especially if you move in the dry season (April-September). The lifestyle is laid back and beachy, as the locals enjoy the vibe provided by the visiting tourists. Also, because of the funds provided by tourism, there are more restaurants and facilities than other small towns.

  • Carnarvon:

Carnarvon is located in between Kalbarri and Exmouth, about 9 and a half hours from Perth. The town sits at the mouth of the Gascoyne River, and the rich flats of the river are used for growing a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables on plantations – the town produces 70% of WA’s winter vegetables. Not only will you enjoy fresh produce, but also hot weather all year round and a great beachside lifestyle. With the busy tourism industry, there are plenty of jobs to go around as well.


Things to Remember About Moving to Country WA

  • There may be worse internet connections and mobile phone reception
  • Country towns don’t have as many different types of jobs available – for instance, there aren’t many corporate options
  • There are less housing options, so it may take some time to find the right place – it’s probably a good idea to find the best storage solutions in Perth to keep your stuff safe 
  • Sport is usually the key to socialising in rural communities
  • Most towns have one bank branch, one supermarket, and a post office – you won’t get much variety, or many department stores
  • Country life can be suitable for people who work from home


How Will You Get There?

Moving up north is a big journey, and most of the trip is quite remote – so you’ll need a reliable, experienced local removalist company to transport your belongings. KEYS The Moving Solution are a trusted removal company in Perth, and we always prioritise your needs and make sure your things are delivered safely. So, if you’re moving to northern WA and would like to find out more about our services, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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