Everything you need to know about bringing a vehicle interstate 

Packing the car for an iconic WA road trip is one thing. But when you’re moving interstate, filling the boot and driving across the border can be exhausting – not to mention expensive.

With fuel prices hitting record highs and the nearest interstate border 1,400 kilometres from Perth, why drive if you don’t need to?

KEYS is an experienced Perth removalist with the equipment, skills and insurance to bring your vehicle interstate along with all your furniture and belongings.

Why partner with a Perth removalist to bring your vehicle interstate?

The cost-benefit analysis

For the approximately 400,000 Australians who move interstate each year, one of the top considerations for a removalist is cost.

In general, moving a vehicle interstate can cost between 40c and 60c per kilometre. That works out to $1,000-1,600 from Perth to Adelaide, $1,600-2,400 to Sydney or $1,500-2,300 to Darwin.

Driving those distances with a loaded car takes several days. Along the way, you need to pay for fuel, food, and accommodation, plus the safety precautions for a long drive (like a spare tyre and satellite phone). 

All in all, the journey is likely to cost almost the same. 

De-stressing an interstate move

On top of the cost, there is the stress of driving long distances. 

Moving interstate should be exciting, not exhausting. Working with an interstate removalist means you can relax, take your time, and call on us for support whenever you need it. 

Reducing wear and tear

If you’re bringing your vehicle interstate, you want it in good condition when you arrive. Putting thousands of unnecessary kilometres on the odometer in the process will age your car extremely fast.

Plus, the risks of breaking down in the middle of nowhere don’t bear thinking about.

How to find a Perth removalist who can bring your vehicle interstate 

The golden rule for finding a reliable interstate removalist is reputation

As you plan your interstate move, compare quotes from at least three removalists to see how they stack up.

Remember that price isn’t everything. Here are a few things you should look for to assess whether the quote is genuinely competitive.

Experience moving interstate

Smaller removalists may not be equipped to transport your vehicle interstate or to regional areas. On the other hand, KEYS can move you anywhere in Australia safely and efficiently.


Is the removalist equipped and experienced to bring your vehicle interstate? Ask about the equipment and handling processes they use.

Reviews and testimonials

Look for positive reviews and feedback from clients who worked with the removalist to bring their car interstate.

AFRA membership

AFRA member removalists are independently audited to ensure their equipment, methods, and training meet the highest standards. 

Transit insurance

For peace of mind and financial protection, make sure to secure a transit insurance policy that covers your vehicle. 


With KEYS The Moving Solution, you have the choice of door-to-door service, packing support and supplies, affordable storage and help creating a personalised moving plan.

Moving interstate and want to bring your vehicle? Contact KEYS for more information or request a personalised quote online.

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