Coming to the land down under? Here’s what you need to know

From the wide-open outback to the world’s whitest beaches, modern cities to remote country towns, Australia is home to a lifetime’s worth of adventure.

Australia is a diverse country of 25.7 million people (in 2020), nearly one-third of whom (29.8%) were born overseas.

Around half a million people migrate to Australia for work, lifestyle, love or the wildlife every year.

And as an international removalist in Perth, KEYS The Moving Solution has extensive experience helping people move to Australia.

Here are a few handy tips for an easier move down under.

Immigration process and visas

  • Research the appropriate visa early
  • You will need a Tax File Number (TFN) to find work
  • Medicare, Australia’s universal healthcare system, is available to all citizens and permanent residents

Australia is known for having firm entry requirements.

Don’t let that deter you from thinking about moving to Australia. 

Thankfully, the Department of Home Affairs has a lot of helpful information about visas and citizenship on its website.

You’ll want to apply for a visa early, even if you don’t plan on moving to Australia permanently.

Although obtaining a visa is usually straightforward, 500,000 people moving here every year means the process can take some time.

Language, culture and currency

  • English is Australia’s national language
  • Australians are welcoming to all cultures
  • The Australian Dollar is the country’s official currency

Although Australia has no official language, you will need to be proficient in English if you plan to work, study or integrate into society.

However, 21% of Australians speak another language at home, most commonly Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese and Vietnamese.

Finding a community with connections to your home country can make settling in Australia easier, although you’ll find Australians welcoming and laid-back no matter where you come from.

The Australian Dollar, or AUD, is the official currency in Australia.

Opening a bank account is essential for getting set up; cash is accepted everywhere, but paying with card or contactless is more common.

Where to live

If you’re moving to Australia for work, it’s good to know where the job opportunities are most abundant.

Sydney is the country’s biggest city and has the largest financial, scientific, media and tourism sectors.

However, the cost of living is highest in Sydney, so you might find a great opportunity in a more affordable city.

  • Perth: Mining, healthcare, public administration, and professional, scientific and technical services make up 50% of the economy.
  • Brisbane: Healthcare and social assistance, professional services, retail and education are some of the biggest industries.
  • Melbourne: Australia’s arts capital also has plenty of opportunities in digital technologies, international education, new energy technologies, tourism, retail and professional services.
  • Darwin: The “top end” is a hotspot for mining, offshore oil and gas, pastoralism, tourism and horticulture.
  • Adelaide: The “city of churches” excels in health, medicine, bioscience, defence and aerospace, not to mention the nearby wine regions.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back lifestyle with abundant nature and room to move, you might consider moving to Tasmania.

How an international removalist in Perth can smooth your move

Here at KEYS The Moving Solution, we have over 25 years of experience providing affordable, efficient global relocation services.

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