From wine lovers to surf rats, Margaret River has long been a favourite holiday destination in WA.

So it’s no surprise that more people are moving to Margaret River as working from home and telecommuting make inner-city offices less appealing.

There are loads of benefits to making the tree-and-sea change:

  • Great climate
  • Laid-back lifestyle
  • World-class wine and food
  • Vibrant arts scene
  • Unbeatable access to nature

But before all that, you need to plan your move to Margaret River carefully.

Working with an experienced removalist like KEYS The Moving Solution takes the stress out of moving within WA, giving you more time to enjoy the adventures, tastes and sights of your new locale.

Why people are moving to Margaret River

According to ABS figures, Margaret River’s population swelled by 2,500 people or 17.7% in 2020-21.

While that is far below the boom in the Bunbury area (12,417 or 7%), it is still a significant influx for the small community.

So what’s bringing all these people to the South West?


The Margaret River region is a foodie’s dream with more than 200 wineries, hundreds of restaurants, and countless cafés.

The focus is on quality and enjoyment. Whether sipping a flat white from local roasters or sampling seasonal produce from South West growers, there is a lot of care in the epicurean scene.

Did you know: Margaret River produces more than 25% of Australia’s premium wine?


WA has some of the country’s best beaches, but the coastline from Bunbury to Albany is really something else. 

If you love the ocean but are tired of the crowded Cottesloe foreshore, moving to Margaret River puts you on the doorstep of over 130 beaches.

As well as world-famous surf breaks, Margaret River has more secluded stretches, family spots, swimming beaches and fishing areas than you can discover in a lifetime.

Proximity to Perth

Inner-city offices might be on the way out, but it’s common for telecommuters to have meetings in Perth.

Margaret River is one of the few places you can move within WA that feels disconnected from the city yet is less than a three-hour drive. 

Community connections

Margaret River is a close-knit community of new locals and multi-generational families.

Your hairdresser might be your neighbour, and the kids’ teacher could live around the corner.

You will quickly feel welcome as you become a familiar face in the town.

Unlike cities such as Perth or Bunbury, Margaret River offers an opportunity to turn neighbours into friends.

Outdoors galore

With the Cape to Cape Track passing close to town, plus heritage trails, 4WD beaches and plenty of bush to bike through or camp in, you’ll never be bored in Margaret River.

Make sure to pack your wet weather gear, though, because the winter months can be wet.

But after an exhilarating day exploring the region, there’s nothing better than coming home to a warming glass of world-class Cab Sauv.

KEYS makes moving within WA easy

If you’ve been considering moving to Margaret River but haven’t made firm plans, now is the time.

KEYS The Moving Solution has the experience, support and supplies you need to move anywhere within WA, from the South West to the Kimberley, even interstate and overseas.

Thanks to our teams in Perth and Bunbury, help is close at hand when you’re moving to Margaret River.

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