It’s moving day. The friends you enlisted to help are late, but that’s ok because your house is only half-packed.

Fast forward to 10pm: you’re exhausted, hungry, and still have 2 carloads to move. At this point, you say the words “I’m never doing this again”.

More than three-quarters (76.5%) of Western Australians find moving house stressful. Interestingly, that’s the same proportion of renters (75%) who choose the DIY route rather than hiring a removalist.

How can we make moving house easier for 76.5% of Western Australians?

Moving house should be exciting, not exhausting. It should be an adventure, not a thing you dread doing again.

Here are tips for managing your next move from a professional Perth removalist who cares about your sanity.

Get organised early

Create a personalised moving plan up to a year before moving overseas, or at least 8 weeks ahead for a local move.

Moving checklists pre-empt last-minute stressors to make moving house easier:

  • Redirecting mail, subscriptions and deliveries
  • Cancelling utilities
  • Disassembling furniture
  • Sourcing packing supplies
  • Selling or donating excess items
  • Creating a detailed inventory
  • Clearing out cupboards (and the fridge)
  • Preparing your home for removalists

The less you have to do in the days before moving, the more you can focus on the move itself.

Hire a professional Perth removalist

Removal companies are the key to making moving house easier. Unlike your friends who turn up late and disappear early, KEYS The Moving Solution is with you every step of the way.

A full-service removal company does more than move your things. We provide packing supplies or even help you pack. Our secure storage locations around the state give you options for safekeeping, and our team handles the heavy lifting on the day.

We can move you down the street, across the country or overseas. We can even unpack your new house. 

You might choose to hand over all the work to a removalist or, like 44.6% of Australians, do some yourself with personalised support from a Perth removal company.

Ship, store or sell?

Whether you’re moving for a fresh start, downsizing, relocating for work, or finding your forever home, some of your belongings won’t fit the size and aesthetic of your new place.


Long-distance shipping takes time. Ask your removal company about shipping timelines if you plan to move furniture interstate or overseas.


Need to store excess furniture for a while? Our short and long-term storage solutions give you flexibility and security at affordable rates.


Selling or donating anything you can’t move or store helps shed excess weight, making moving day more manageable.

Moving hacks from a professional removalist in Perth

Make a moving day playlist

High-energy music can help to set a good mood on moving day.

Clearly mark fragile goods

Whether for yourself or a removalist, mark fragile items in a way that makes them identifiable in a moving van.

Use sturdy moving boxes

There’s nothing worse than a flimsy recycled box falling apart halfway up the stairs.

Invest in a packing service

Professional packing can be part of a removalist service. It’s worth it.

Don’t water plants before you move

House plants are heavy when they’re full of water.

Remember to eat

You need the energy! Eat a good breakfast, pause for lunch, and have a plan for dinner on the day. 

And the big one: choose a removal company early

The earlier you lock in a removalist, the more we can do. Contact KEYS The Moving Solution today to find out how we can make moving house easy.  

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