Everyone has moved at least once. How different can commercial moving really be from moving house?

The answer is very different.

Moving office without professional support can quickly become disorganised, frustrating and costly. As well as relocating IT and furniture, there are unique considerations that make or break a business move.

As a commercial removalist who has removed the stress from countless office and industrial relocations over 26+ years, our team has a lot of experience preparing for a smooth move.

  • Start planning early

Moving office is a marathon, not a sprint. Giving your team as much preparation time as possible reduces last-minute stress and expensive delays. 

Make a commercial moving plan

Every commercial move is unique. Whether your relocation is IT heavy or involves industrial equipment will determine the steps you need to take.

A commercial moving checklist ensures you cover all the bases. Unlike moving house, business relocation often involves:

  • Subcontractors to work on the new or old office
  • Furniture disposal
  • IT relocation
  • Heavy equipment relocation
  • Long-term contracts with service providers and lessors

We recommend assembling your business relocation working group at least 12-18 months ahead of the move or when you start looking for the new location. 

  • Communication is key

As soon as possible, begin communicating with employees about the upcoming move. 

Business relocations are inherently disruptive. Communicating early, often and honestly gives people time to prepare (mentally and otherwise) for the move.

Getting your team involved early can also foster a positive attitude to the move, even if the business is downsizing. 

For example, ask people for decorating ideas, organise tours of the new location, hold a busy-bee to clean workspaces and share milestones as you approach the big day.

  • Hire a full-service commercial removalist

The right commercial removalist will quickly become a trusted advisor in your relocation working group, as well as a full-service relocation expert.

Here at KEYS The Moving Solution, we do much more than move your things:

Hiring an experienced commercial removalist takes the guesswork out of moving and ensures no detail is overlooked.

  • Organise the office

There’s always one spreadsheet enthusiast in every office. Find them, and use their powers to your advantage.

Use a clear labelling system to organise the business by room or section. Colours, numbers or symbols work well to categorise different equipment. Ask us for packing and labelling supplies – we’d be happy to help. 

Ensure your commercial moving checklist includes a map of the new office with corresponding information that tells the removalist where each item needs to go. 

That way, if your business relocation team changes or is unavailable on the day, you can trust the KEYS team to put everything in its proper place.

Perth’s experienced commercial removalist

KEYS The Moving Solution is organised, professional and capable of helping you move almost anything. 

Our team provides tailored moving solutions to suit your requirements, from IT relocation to industrial warehouses, mine sites, and international relocation.

Contact us for a quote on a stress-free commercial move.

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