Moving to Europe has seemed like a far-off dream for the last few years.

But now, international borders are opening. The travel industry is slowly taking off again, and Australians can confidently make international moving plans.

So, where are we taking you?

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Why moving to Europe is a great idea

Around a million Aussies live and work overseas.

Moving to Europe from Australia can be a great idea for various reasons, but it ultimately depends on your personal circumstances, goals, and preferences. Here are some potential benefits and reasons why people might consider such a move:

  • Taking a job in a bigger market
  • Travel opportunities
  • History, culture and architecture
  • Learning a new language
  • Reconnecting with your European roots
  • Studying and further education

However, it’s important to consider potential challenges as well, such as visa requirements, language barriers, and differences in cost of living. Additionally, personal preferences play a significant role, so what might be a great idea for one person may not be the same for another.

Whether you are moving to Europe on a one-way ticket or doing the ‘classic’ two-year stint in London, working with an international removalist makes relocating overseas easy.

As well as shipping and storing your things, our international relocation experience can help you avoid the expensive mistakes of figuring it out alone.

What you need to think about when moving to Europe

Where to live

London is a great place to live. But since it’s no longer technically in Europe, let’s look at some international hotspots with growing ex-pat populations.

  • Berlin

Famous for its vibrant nightlife, rich history and diverse population, Berlin is always a popular choice for Australians moving to Europe. 

  • Lisbon

Portugal’s capital is increasingly popular with people seeking somewhere out of the ordinary. Lisbon has a significant corporate presence, a burgeoning creative industry and more charm than you can imagine.

  • Paris

You can hardly move in Paris without bumping into a museum, boulangerie, boutique or café. Culture-seekers flock to the French capital for a good reason. 

  • Amsterdam

Stroll the canals, snack on patat, and sip on dark Dutch beer. Amsterdam is a laid-back city famous for its delightfully quirky architecture and vibrant arts scene.

  • Copenhagen

Copenhageners prioritise work-life balance better than anywhere else (heard of hygge?). The lifestyle more than makes up for the high cost of living.

Visa requirements

Unless you have an EU passport, you will almost certainly need a visa to move to Europe.

Every country structures its visas differently. For example, some up-and-coming destinations like Estonia and Hungary have specific ‘digital nomad’ visas, while France requires a long-term visa if you plan to work.

Choosing an international removalist

Moving to Europe on your own can be challenging.

As an experienced international removalist, Keys knows how much planning and preparation goes into every overseas move.

Working with a trusted international removalist with a global moving network makes the process much smoother:

Use our international moving checklist to avoid the common mistakes that can add stress, delay and cost to your European move. 

Working in a different language

Although people in most European capitals are comfortable speaking English, assimilating into a workplace can be challenging for Australians without a second language.

Consider learning a little of the language before you leave and enrol in a course when you arrive.


Europe is open to Australians again – with some exceptions.

Travel restrictions are still changing frequently. Although an experienced international removalist can help with the logistics of moving your things, visa restrictions can cause a headache.

So if you are thinking of moving to Europe this year, start planning early. Practice the local lingo, apply for your visa, and contact KEYS to get a quote for international relocation and long-term storage.

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