As your planned move date inches closer, you have likely already realised how complex office relocations can be.

Moving offices is nothing like moving house.

Without proper planning and the right office relocation team, the process quickly becomes chaotic, costly and frustrating for everyone involved.

But let’s not dwell on the challenges.

Let’s talk about office relocation solutions.

Solution #1: Planning ahead

Office relocations really begin from the moment you decide to move.

For most companies, that point comes at least 12 months before the move date.

From that day, your office relocation team should meet regularly and work on making the move as easy as possible:

  • Communicating with employees
  • Planning the new space
  • Speaking with lessors and building owners
  • Working with a commercial moving partner
  • Sourcing furniture and supplies
  • Conducting walkthroughs and site visits

There is one area where moving offices and moving house are similar: the more time your team spends planning the move, the easier it will be when the time comes.

Solution #2: Expert advice

Unlike moving house, commercial relocations come with a long list of added considerations.

Whether it’s relocating IT, managing expectations, moving commercial equipment or fitting out the new space, the challenges are often unfamiliar for anyone who isn’t a commercial relocation specialist.

It helps to zoom out from the physical move and look at office relocations as a strategy.

In doing so, you soon realise the value of a well-rounded office relocation team that includes HR or Internal Communications, line managers, employee representatives and external relocation consultants.

Sourcing expert advice – internally and externally – ensures your team has the complete picture and a collaborative approach to the office relocation.

Solution #3: Short-term storage

Organising furniture for the new office ahead of time can save significant time and logistical complexity.

It’s also one big thing you can tick off your to-do list.

Our short-term storage is an office relocation solution for the visionaries who plan ahead and source furniture early.

With affordable storage locations in Perth and Kalgoorlie, KEYS The Moving Solution enables you to plan ahead confidently.

Solution #4: Picking an office relocation partner you can trust

Every commercial move is unique.

There’s no one-size office relocation solution, which makes moving offices a highly involved and collaborative process from start to finish.

Your commercial relocation partner should have the experience to solve logistical challenges and the capabilities to move everything from office chairs to industrial equipment.

That way, you know you’re prepared for anything and supported throughout the process.

Involving your commercial removalist in the planning process is also valuable, as they can help you proactively address issues and offer personalised office relocation solutions.

The all-in-one office relocation solution

KEYS The Moving Solution is a full-service business relocation partner with over 25 years of commercial relocation experience.

We understand the complexity of moving offices and have the expertise to make the process as smooth as possible.

With capabilities including IT relocation, moving industrial equipment to office furniture, subcontractor management and more, KEYS is your all-in-one office relocation solution.

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