When you need to move offices, IT equipment or industrial machinery, you don’t just need a commercial moving company to help you pack and unpack.

You need a team who know knows how to move a business. An experienced full-service partner who can manage a stress-free commercial move. 

If you know what to look for, the signs of a high-quality commercial mover are easy to spot.


Every business relocation is unique. The right mover will have a breadth of experience with similar industries and logistical challenges to those your business faces.

They will use their experience to support the relocation planning team and spot potential problems in advance.

Tip: Ask your shortlisted movers for recent examples or client testimonials. A reputable commercial mover will be happy to provide proof of their experience.


Membership to highly-regarded associations like AFRA is a sign your removalist not only knows how to move a business but has the equipment to work safely and efficiently.

AFRA is Australia’s peak body for removalists. If you are planning an international office relocation, look for association with FIDI, IAM, BRITMOVE and other global removalist organisations.

Tip: AFRA membership allows removalists to provide transit insurance, so you don’t need an insurance broker.

Range of services

Moving a business is complex. Working with a full-service commercial moving company will help you overcome logistical challenges and focus on the change management that comes with moving.

Full-service commercial movers can handle:

This is where a commercial mover graduates from being a “service provider” to “partner”. 

Tip: KEYS The Moving Solution can handle industrial relocations across WA, interstate and even relocate your business overseas. We also offer affordable storage solutions in Perth and Kalgoorlie.

Attention to service

First impressions are important. As you shortlist commercial moving companies and begin sourcing quotes, pay attention to whether the company values your business.

High-quality commercial movers are proactive, interested and engaged. They will look for solutions to help you take the stress out of your office relocation, not sell additional services.

Tip: We tailor commercial moving quotes to your requirements rather than providing blanket quotes or ballpark figures. KEYS is about finding solutions.

What else should you look for in a commercial moving company?

You might have noticed that price does not feature among the top factors when choosing a removalist. 

Budgeting is one of the first steps in planning for your relocation. 

Price is important – but it’s not everything. 

As you source quotes from commercial movers, consider the bigger picture. Factor in the time, work and stress you save by working with a full-service company. 

You will surely find that the long-term benefits outweigh any small savings you could get from going with the cheapest option.

Then again, you might discover that Perth’s best commercial mover is refreshingly affordable. Contact us for a quote to find out.

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