Affordable long-term storage to keep your stuff safe

Whether you are embarking on the one-way backpacking trip you’ve always dreamed of or heading overseas to scout out your new home, there’s always one big logistical question.

What do you do with your furniture and valuables while you’re away?

You could call on friends and family to host your clutter.

You could park your car in someone’s driveway where it will be exposed to the weather.

Or you could arrange secure long-term storage, so your belongings stay in perfect condition until you’re ready to return or have them shipped.

It’s easier and more affordable than you might think.

Here’s what you need to know about long-term storage when you’re heading overseas.

Location, location, location

Your mind is probably far away, driving through New Zealand, relaxing on a tropical beach or exploring Europe’s cobblestone alleyways.

So you don’t want to travel far to put your belongings in long-term storage.

KEYS The Moving Solution has storage facilities conveniently located in Perth and Kalgoorlie, meaning a short trip to store and retrieve your things.

Storage costs

As you plan for your overseas move, list all the things that will stay behind, plus those you will donate or sell.

With a bit of research and some simple equations, you should be able to determine whether storing, selling or shipping your belongings is better value.

Don’t forget to factor in:

  • Replacement cost
  • Sentimental value
  • Ongoing insurance payments for valuables and vehicles
  • International shipping costs
  • Usability overseas (e.g. electronics and cars)

Long-term storage is an affordable, flexible solution that often ends up being cheaper than shipping or re-buying belongings.

Storage unit size

If you only have a few bags of clothes, you might be able to stow them in someone’s closet while you travel.

But you need somewhere bigger when you have a house full of furniture, heirlooms and valuables.

The same goes if you plan to hold onto your car.

Working with a storage provider with different storage unit sizes can help overcome any last-minute measurement or logistical issues.

PS: Did you know KEYS can store vehicles or ship them overseas through our trusted global moving network


The last thing you want while enjoying the trip of a lifetime is a call to say your storage locker was compromised.

Self-storage facility break-ins are so rare that a single incident is likely to make the news.

Still, without adequate security, storage facilities can become a target for thieves.

Here are a few security factors to look for when scouting storage facilities:

  • Multiple layers of exterior security (fences, walls etc.)
  • Full CCTV coverage
  • High-quality doors
  • Security around windows

KEYS’ storage facilities have never experienced a break-in or theft.

We take security extremely seriously to protect your valuables and offer peace of mind, whether you’re travelling or staying local.

On top of our security measures, we recommend using high-strength padlocks to secure your individual unit.

Long-term storage with KEYS: Secure, simple, stress-free

KEYS The Moving Solution has over 25 years of experience with long-term storage, local relocations, interstate moves and international shipping.

We cater to household and commercial storage requirements, keeping your belongings secure no matter where you are in the world.

With flexible short and long-term storage agreements, two convenient locations and the experience of our global shipping network, we always have the solution to suit your requirements.

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