Moving Out Of Your Rental

Perth’s property market has been heating up for the last couple of years.

The median rental price for homes and units has risen $40 per week in just one year, while the vacancy rate has halved since June 2020.

Meanwhile, property sales are climbing steadily. 

Many Perth families are moving out of a rental into a home of their own. 

If you’re one of the people ending your lease forever – or moving out of one rental into another – keep reading to find out how a Perth removalist can take the stress out of moving day.

A Perth removalist’s tips for moving out of a rental

  1. Check your rental agreement carefully

Most rental contracts specify that you need to give 28 days’ notice before moving out. 

Your contract might also specify terms unique to your property, like handover condition, making time for viewings, or your cleaning responsibilities.

So read through your rental contract well before you plan to move out of your rental.

That way, you avoid nasty surprises and last-minute moving stress.

  1. Settle unpaid charges before you move out

Try to pay any utility bills before handing the keys back to your landlord.

Take photos of your meters when you settle your bills for lasting proof that your dues are all paid.

Then you can apply to receive your bond quickly, so you have money for the move. 

You also need to cancel or re-route subscription services. 

Otherwise, the new tenants will receive your weekly grocery box, and you will be in your new home with nothing to watch on TV.

  1. Be careful not to damage the property

Moving out of a rental often involves manoeuvring bulky furniture around tight corners and down stairs.

When you’re tired and rushing, it can be easy to lose concentration and damage the walls on your way out.

This is where hiring a reliable removalist in Perth can save you considerable stress, not to mention the unexpected cost of paying for repairs.

It’s our job to help you pack, move and get set up efficiently – without damaging doorframes or scraping walls.

  1. Prepare early and double-check everything

Use a personalised moving plan to start planning your move at least two months ahead. 

Being prepared will significantly lower your stress levels and ensure you don’t forget anything in the move.

Your Perth removalist partner can also help to check the property with fresh eyes.

We have nearly three decades of experience moving Perth renters and homeowners around the state (and around the country). 

You can trust the KEYS team to catch anything you miss.

Find a removalist in Perth to help you move out of a rental

KEYS The Moving Solution is Perth’s rental relocation partner.

We can move you locally, interstate or internationally, and even store your excess furniture until you find the perfect home.

Request a quote online to find out how affordable a professional removalist can be.

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