Unspoilt nature. Colonial charm. Fresh local produce and friendly local people. Great art, great food, great wine.

Tasmania has a lot to offer, which is likely why the number of people moving there has shot up in the last couple of years.

This article follows our in-depth guide to moving to Tasmania, giving you a few helpful tips to plan a stress-free move.

How to make moving interstate easy

Whether you’re moving for work or relocating your family to greener pastures, planning an interstate move takes time. 

There are a lot of reasons to take it slow, plan carefully, and call in expert help when the time’s right:

  • Save on shipping costs
  • Only take what you need
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Settle in straight away
  • Account for delays (for example, weather)
  • Plan to move at the time that suits your family

One common question people ask when they’re planning to move interstate is how far in advance they should prepare.

The answer might surprise you.

Start planning 12 months ahead

It’s not always possible to plan a year ahead, but anything shorter than six months is going to cause a good deal of stress.

So, if you can, start thinking about your next move 12 months out:

Moving your business interstate?

Twelve months is the absolute minimum we recommend for moving a business interstate

Although it’s less common – most people moving interstate for work are ‘going remote’ – the logistics of relocating IT, furniture and people to a new state become complex.

Work with an experienced long-distance removalist

Moving to Tasmania and moving to Two Rocks are very different.

When you’re looking for a removalist in Perth who can transport your worldly belongings across the country, be sure to double-check their credentials.

An experienced interstate removalist has the skills, experience and team to make the move easy. Although it might be tempting to choose the cheapest option, the costs of hiring an experienced mover quickly stack up:

  • Time delays
  • Lost or damaged belongings
  • Hidden fees 
  • Poor organisation

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should pay a premium for efficient, personalised service. We always encourage people to compare quotes from different removalists to ensure the cost reflects the level of service they expect.

Insure your belongings

Transit insurance is a type of cover unique to removalists. It works like any other insurance, so if your belongings are lost, damaged, stolen or mishandled, you’re covered for the repair or replacement costs.

Unfortunately, renter’s and homeowner’s insurance won’t cover your move to Tasmania, so you’ll need to organise transit insurance through your removalist.

Some removalists know this and hike up prices to make a profit. If you think your removalist is doing a dodgy deal on transit insurance, get in touch with KEYS for an honest, personalised quote.

Make your next move stress-free

KEYS The Moving Solution has over 26 years of interstate relocation experience. We make moving for work or lifestyle reasons less intimidating, giving you all the advantages from planning tips to packing supplies.

Request a call from our removalist team and let’s talk about your next move to Tasmania.

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